Daunting Task

In all respects, this redesign is so drastic and requires so much changes to the core that I don’t believe this will be Bui4Ever v14b, but rather Bui4Ever v15. And following in line with the proposed v13-15 plan (v13 = first CSS layout site, v14 = first xhtml transitional compliant site, and v15 = first xhtml strict compliant site), this will be my first personal site that is xhtml strict. I had already made the strict leap while working on a redesign for Alan’s existing design at http://www.alanliudds.com for his dental practice.

Originally I was planning to just update Bui4Ever (i.e. Bui4Ever v14b) from xhtml transitional to strict, but after trying to rework the code, every step in creating strict compliance triggered an error in another part of the code that would fail xhtml strict. After much frustration, I said screw it, I’ll go strict on Bui4Ever v15. Which I guess is essentially here. It’s funny how I’ve actually never finished my personal site completely. I’ll start out very strong, get a new design going that I will like for awhile, and then learn something new and wonderful and ready to throw the old design out the window before the site is even completely up. V14 was supposed to be a design that I was going to stay with quite some time, but after all the issues with the blog/news programs, I was ready for change.

The daunting task is not only bringing over all the other pages from v14 to v15, but also bringing stuff I hadn’t had time to bring to v14 from v13. The majority of the content in v14 is easily transposable to v15, with some changes, but unfortunately, v13 content is going to be painful as it is really behind.

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