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After working on various new and current web projects, I’ve finally come to the conclusion that it is probably better to use WordPress as my site news/blog. Previously I’ve looked into alternatives (scratchlog, snews, easynews, and then finally SimpleNews) for various reasons. These reasons were:

  1. The Theme system seemed daunting to learn and I mistakenly thought, despite the theme system and the use of CSS, that the design would be too limiting for my taste.
  2. I tried various times to integrate WP into Bui4Ever with no avail.
  3. How could I showcase my web skills if WP did all the work?

After using four different types of news/blogs, I think I will listen to the thousands of people who use WP and integrate it successfully into their custom designed sites. And I’ve also come to the conclusion regarding #3, WP won’t do all the work for me, it will handle a big part that is complex and difficult to handle in itself, which is: the site’s news. So let’s see how this goes.

One thought on “Switch to WordPress”

  1. Also another reason for choosing WP is that I believe I can increase my ranking in search engines because most, if not all, of my data/content will be in one single MySQL database that is easily parsed.

    Another added advantage of using WP is that I won’t need to learn how to make RSS-capable sites (not yet anyways).

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