Got my new work laptop…MacBook Pro!

After being on order since Apple’s announcement of Intel dual core processors in their 15inch laptops, it arrive this morning into shipping. I’m currently in the process of transferring all my data from my current PowerBook G4 to the MacBook Pro. So far my observations on the new MacBook:

  1. It’s a tad bit thinner than the PowerBook (1 inch versus 1.18).
  2. It’s a bit wider, 15.4 inch as opposed to the 15.2 on the PowerBook.
  3. The display is brighter and seems more clearer.
  4. The MacBook’s screen requires a bit more force to open and close compared to the PowerBook. Not entirely sure why that is.
  5. On installation of software such as Adobe CS 2, Apple Remote Desktop, Microsoft Office 2004, etc. doesn’t seem much faster, but that could be because I’m transfering 12gb of document data while installing the software.
  6. The MacBook seems to run a bit warmer than the PowerBook, but that seems to be related reason #5. Once I start doing the same things I did on the PowerBook on the MacBook, we’ll see if it’s still warmer. After using it a bit more (i.e. more file transfering), it turns out that the MacBook is about as warm as the PowerBook. When you try to multitask too much, it gets warmer since more load is placed on the dual processors.
  7. The illuminating keyboard is much brighter. With the lights on the office, I can definitely tell the illuminated keyboard is on.
  8. The built on iSight webcam is very nice. Seems to be as good as the iSight on the new iMacs despite the size difference.
  9. The remote control is cool.
  10. The magnetic quick detach power supply is very cool.
  11. The fact that the new power supply is double the size of the previous power supply plus it’s now 85 wattage is not so cool.
  12. The keyboard doesn’t have the same nice soft, quiet feel that the PowerBook has. It’s starting to feel like a Dell’s keyboard.
  13. There is no modem jack. You have to buy a usb modem if you want/need to dialup.
  14. Instead of having a PCMCIA slot, it has an Express Port.
  15. The RAM is easier to get to.
  16. Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) does not work with the MacBook at this time, even with Rosetta. Refer to Apple’s notes on ARD and the Intel Based Processors. But supposedly ARD 3.0 is supposed to be released anytime according to Apple Insider.
  17. Apparently the optical drive on the MacBook is 4x SuperDrive with no dual-layer burning capabilities as compared to the 8x SuperDrive with dual-layer burning…although the MacBook’s drive is smaller…small comfort. Read more about it here, along with a pretty good in-depth review by MacWorld on the MacBook, .
  18. According to Dane Riley, the MacBook Pro is supposed to have a Windows-like hibernation mode in which if the battery is near critical depletion, it will dump all the RAM data to the hard drive so the next start up will bring power back to existing last state. Interesting.
  19. Apple TechTool Deluxe does not work on the MacBook Pro, not yet anyways.
  20. Any other copies of the Mac OS that does not specifically say MacBook Pro on it will not boot by holding the “C” button down.
  21. Non-Intel processor Macs cannot access, see, etc. an Intel processor Mac placed in target disk mode.
  22. WinXP can be installed on Intel based processors with the use of Apple’s Boot Camp.

The MacBook Pro that I got is configured as such: 1.83GHZ Dual Core Intel Processors, 80GB hard drive, 1GB of RAM, and 128mb video card.

10 thoughts on “Got my new work laptop…MacBook Pro!”

  1. Further Review on the MacBook

    Now that it has been two days since receiving the MacBook Pro, I still say I’m quite pleased with it. Adobe CS2 runs as fast the PowerBook, so I can only imagine when CS3 is released, the speed gains will be very much noticeable. Other then for a slight delay when the hard drive spins up after a long period of inactivity, nothing bad to report so far.

  2. I definitely do like how slightly slimmer profile the new Mac Book Pros are. But I think the design is getting a bit dated tho.

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  4. I’ve had my 17 inch Macbook Pro for about 3 months now. While I’ve had some minor issues with it, overall it’s been great. I love how the keyword lights up so I can see at night. I’d recommend it to anyone who does design work.

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