Gallery 2.1 (Blackjack) Released and WordPress Gallery Integration Project

Very interesting! The new version of Gallery has just been released. Before I jump too much into that, let’s just recap what this means for Bui4Ever. Well since working on the redesign of Bui4Ever (v15, essentially the merging of content to WordPress), the next logical step would be complete integration of Gallery2 also. In Bui4Ever v14, the only part of the site that required any type of login was the Gallery. Now with WordPress, it has its own login for me to 1) write my posts and other admin stuff and 2) other people to comment. It would make no sense to require people to login in twice…so why not merge the two (WordPress and Gallery) logins. That brings us to WordPress Gallery2 Project. This will allow for users who register with WordPress to be autoregistered for Gallery2. One advantage that comes out of this is that a poster/contributor/editor/etc can be given rights to his or her subgallery and be able to post on Bui4Ever.

Now the biggest drawback of Gallery2 for me, for the longest time now, has been the slow load time. I have never been able to completely figure out that problem. I’ve seen other people’s Gallery2 load as quick as Gallery1, but yet mine and many others experience extreme lag. Supposedly Gallery Blackjack has some major changes to the core that will have “profound performance increase in most situations”. I am definitely excited about this!

For the time being, I’m going to create a whole new Gallery2 install (another URL change) because of one major unforeseeable flaw on my end: the WordPress and Gallery2 must share one single database to work. I do not know if I can successfully merge the existing Gallery2 database with the WordPress database. So to be on the safe side, I’ll create a whole new Gallery2 install and test it out and either one of two things will happen: 1) I import all the albums and data from the current Gallery2 install ( and put it to the new Gallery2 install ( or 2) I manage to learn (if even possible) to merge the existing Gallery2 install to the current WordPress database.

I’ll keep everyone posted on the progress of how this goes along with how I did it.

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  1. So I got it working. Followed the directions explicitly and worked fine, but just in case people wonder, this is how I did it.
    Setting It Up

    Downloaded Gallery2.1 (BlackJack) Full Version from
    Uploaded the entire unzipped program to /wp-content/plugins/gallery2. You can name the directory anything you like, but just make sure it’s in the plugins directory.
    Using a web browser, I navigated to and it automatically generated the install script.
    I installed Gallery2 as I normally do. You can follow the directions that is located inside the Gallery2 directory (/README.html).
    I downloaded the latest WordPress Gallery2 plugin module from site.
    Unpacked the contents of the zip file and followed the directions. Wp-gallery2.php is uploaded to the root location of WordPress, all the other files are copied according to their directory structure into wp-content/plugins.
    Once Gallery2 was successfully installed, I logged into WordPress and went to Administration >> Plugins and clicked activate on the WPG2 module.
    After successful activation, a new menu link will appear after Import, labeled: WPG2, located at
    Clicking on that menu link will bring you to the WP-Gallery2 options. In most cases, the first time you navigate here, you’ll get a validation failed. All you have to do under the field for “Auto Configuration of Embedded Paths” is to input the location of your Gallery2 which would most likely be After that just click the “Auto Configure” and you will pass validation. You don’t have to really play with any of the other settings just yet.
    You’ll know everything is configured correctly by navigating to and it displays Gallery2 within your WordPress.
    The only thing really left is to edit the style.css to “fit” Gallery2 into the look of your WordPress.

    Embedding Gallery2
    This is pretty dependent on the theme that you are using for WordPress. The theme I’m using (Bui4Ever v15) is a custom designed theme. I’ll post how I did it and hopefully you will get the general idea enough to adapt it to your own theme.

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