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Some people may have noticed that I had a forum that was hidden underneath the Contact Us navigation that didn’t seem to have much in it. Originally I was using it to show potential clients an integrated forum inside of WordPress. Now I’ve found another use for it and have moved it under the Home navigation. I’ve updated the forum threads and added some new posts and also cleaned up the test posts. Check it out at http://www.bui4ever.com/?a=xdforum.

17-inch MacBook Pro Released

Apple has finally released their 17-inch MacBook Pro today. It looks wild! The major difference, other than the 17-inch screen, is:

  1. (3) USB 2.0 slots as opposed to (2) on the 15.4-inch MacBook.
  2. 800 Firewire slot added.
  3. 8x Dual Layer DVD-Burner versus the 15.4-inch’s 4x Single Layer DVD-Burner.
  4. It comes with the 2.16GHz Dual Core Intel chips as standard.

For those wondering how much this laptop costs, $2799. Ouch. A bit on the pricey side.

I personally think that the 17-inch is too big of a laptop for mobility. Of course in most cases, people who opt for the 17-inch do so for functionality and more so as desktop replacement unit than something for portability and mobility. Our University Photographer and previous University Webmaster both had 17-inch PowerBooks and they are just crazy to see in person. I can definitely see the advantages of having a 17-inch screen, especially when I’m working on webpages, homework, etc. The 15.4-inch is perfect to use daily and it would be nice to have a 19-inch external LCD to plug into when I need more viewing area.

World of Warcraft and MacBook Pro

So my nephew installed World of Warcraft on my MacBook Pro to test how fast WOW would run, and we must say it is definitely phenomenal! Originally on the PowerBook I had, WOW ran quite laggy and the graphics were choppy and unexciting; essentially WOW worked on the PowerBook, it just wasn’t very satisfying to play on it. The MacBook Pro, on the other hand, seemed to be day and night difference, of course to be expected since the video card is better, dual core processor, and so on. I will post up the in-game settings once I get them. I wanted to test WOW on the WinXP partition on the MacBook, but unfortunately I only have 5GB total partitioned for Windows and only have 1.5GB left (WOW requires at least 4GB).

Parallels: WinXP inside Mac OS X

In other news…Parallels has released new beta software that will allow WinXP to run inside the Mac OS. While this may be seen as a copy of VirtualPC, that is not entirely the case because VirtualPC is emulation software, whereas Parallels’ is virtualization software. Virtualization utilizes “Intel’s ‘Virtualization Technology’ ? a feature built into the new Core Duo chipset used by Apple?s current Intel-based offerings ? in order to function.” In other words, it talks to the Intel processor similar to BootCamp which should produce dramatic speed results compared to VirtualPC. I’m tempted to try this out…Read the full story from this link to Macworld.

WinXP on MacBook Benchmarks

In regards to this previous post about WinXP on the MacBook Pro, PC World has conducted a benchmark review in comparison of WinXP running on: a 2.0GHz Duo Core iMac, a 2.16GHz Duo Core MacBook Pro, a Dell Inspiron 2.0GHz Duo Core E1705 laptop, a HP Compaq 2.16GHz Duo Core laptop, and a HP Pavilion 2.0GHz Athlon 64 a1250n Media Center desktop. In most cases such as multitasking, Roxio VideoWave, Adobe Photoshop 7.0.1, and Microsoft Office 2002 SP-2, the MacBook clocked the best times. The categories that the machines were competing in were: WorldBench 5 Score, Multitasking, Windows Media Encoder 9, Roxio VideoWave, Adobe Photoshop 7.0.1, and Microsoft Office 2002 SP-2. The HP Compaq nx9420 has the best WorldBench 5 score with the MacBook Pro coming in second. The complete article can be found here on Macworld’s site.

[Edit: Removed pargraph on Parallels and created new post for it.]

Project: ABC v3

In the next coming weeks I’ll be starting (again) and hopefully finishing more (finally) of a project that was started more than two years ago. Some of you may remember it from my days on Acura-CL.com (now AcuraZine) as abunchofcars.com (ABC).

The main purpose of the site is to create a nexus of Do-It-Yourself guides for anything related to cars. In the past we mainly concentrated on Acuras, specifically CL and TL and occasionally Honda Accords because those were forums that my friend and I frequented. We always had planned to expand it beyond, but never got around to finishing what we had.

My plan is to design the layout and code the structural architecture and allow other people to expand, edit, and moderate the content. My other friend, Dennis, will be co-admining ABC with me. I’ll have an online form in which interested persons can apply for contributor status and those who continue to provide exemplary support and assistance will be granted editor status. The difference between contributors and editors is that contributors can only submit for approval: articles, DIY guides, suggestions, etc.; whereas an editor can post live and approve what contributors submit. More on this as time goes on.

Website problems

Some of you may have noticed some downtime starting Saturday night and all through Sunday. My webhost was updating their servers and one of the hard drives were going bad, so they had to replace it. There are still some errors on the site such as Gallery is not working, which EquaWeb will have fixed soon. Please bear with the limited services for now. Thank you.

Windows XP on Mac?! Say what?!

It has been speculated for some time, even before the release, the possibility of running Windows XP on the Intel core processor Macs. Some of the Apple people I had spoke with had said this probably wouldn’t be possible because the Mac Intel processors were utilizing EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface) and Win XP depends heavily on EFI (i.e. Bios) and Microsoft even went so far as to say that the next generation OS (Vista) wouldn’t support EFI either. There had been a reported case in which a person had won an award for being able to install Win XP on a Mac Intel machine as reported by ZDNet.

Apple as of today released what they call Boot Camp, a downloadable program that allows Win XP to run on the Mac Intel machines. I would never have guessed that, of all people, Apple would release this. Apparently this software is still in beta and is unsupported, but Leopard (Mac OX 10.5) would have Boot Camp and more functionality of that built in natively. I’m heavily debating whether or not to try it because I only have about ~9GB left of hard drive space (of 80GB) and it calls for at least 10GB (not sure why). Although I spoke to someone who works at Apple and has said that the people in our Book Store has successfully been able to install, configure, and run Win XP on one of their Mac Intel machines as demo. I’m going to check that out when I can.

Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML

I’m always in search of a good CSS and XHTML book. Despite how many books on web design that one can find on Amazon.com, Barns and Noble, and/or other popular book stores, it is hard to beat Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML by Elisabeth and Eric Freeman. This book is very easy to read for beginners into CSS and XHTML and even a worthwile read for seasoned veterans.

I particularly like how the book is laid out. There are a total of 15 chapters with 658 pages including the index. The book utilizes a lot of color graphical examples to make a point. It has numerous examples, puzzles, and summaries at the end of the chapters to reinforce the concepts brought up. This book is catered to people who want to get started on applying CSS and XHTML immediately into their designs. They bring up a brief history and reasons why certain selectors are used and why without getting so much into the detail that would interest a person(s) who is studying web design as opposed to a person who just wants to create a CSS and XHTML page.

One of the best things I like about the book, besides quips of humor, is how they continually stress the importance of adhering to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards especially the emphasis on developing XHTML Strict pages. Most other books I have read do not stress the importance of web standards as Elisabeth and Eric do.

Concepts covered in the book are: three column layouts, two column layouts, positioning (absolute, relative, and fixed), headings, uses of list, styling font and layout, and much more. I find myself constantly refering back to this book for tips and tricks on my pages. I highly recommend it for anyone who is serious about CSS and XHTML.