Parallels: WinXP inside Mac OS X

In other news…Parallels has released new beta software that will allow WinXP to run inside the Mac OS. While this may be seen as a copy of VirtualPC, that is not entirely the case because VirtualPC is emulation software, whereas Parallels’ is virtualization software. Virtualization utilizes “Intel’s ‘Virtualization Technology’ ? a feature built into the new Core Duo chipset used by Apple?s current Intel-based offerings ? in order to function.” In other words, it talks to the Intel processor similar to BootCamp which should produce dramatic speed results compared to VirtualPC. I’m tempted to try this out…Read the full story from this link to Macworld.

4 thoughts on “Parallels: WinXP inside Mac OS X”

  1. I successfully installed Parallel onto an Intel iMac . It’s pretty straight forward of an installation, loads pretty quickly. WinXP runs slower than running it through BootCamp because resources are shared. It’s not bad, just laggy. The key limiting factor is the system I used only had 512MB of RAM and 256MB of it was sectioned off for WinXP in Parallel. Had this iMac had 1GB of RAM, I believe it would run much quicker. WinXP with only 256MB of RAM, even on a PC, would be laggy also. I’m waiting for a 1GB iMac to try this further.

    I need to try one other thing, I have clients who are Mac users who have to keep a PC in order to sync their Lotus Notes calendar via Intelisync, which only works on a PC. Using Parallel instead of BootCamp would be a great option for these people because they wouldn’t have to exit of Mac OS and boot to WinXP and then reboot to Mac OS again just to sync their stuff each time. In these cases, the speed issue would not be much of a factor since they aren’t utilizing WinXP for anything other than Intelisync.

  2. After a bit of research, I’ve found on Parallels’ support forum that USB is not supported as of yet. They are planning to do it “soon”. So this totally blows away my plans for Intellisync, at least temporarily anyways.

  3. Also upgraded the iMac to 1GB of RAM in an attempt to resolve the lagging, but turns out it was not an issue with the ram, but rather Parallels doesn’t communicate directly to the video card yet and that is what is causing the mouse movement to lag as you move it across the screen.

  4. After testing Parallels for a week plus, I must say this product has not met up to my expectations. I have been plagued with constant crashing, I’m still irked by no USB support, and get this, crashing during installation of WinXP. I do realize that this is still in beta, but BootCamp is also in beta and just kicks ass! I will consider Parallels once it releases the first stable version, but until then, Boot Camp.

    The biggest issue that I have not been able to resolve is why WinXP in Parallels will crash when screensaver mode kicks in. My work around has been to disable the screensaver.

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