17-inch MacBook Pro Released

Apple has finally released their 17-inch MacBook Pro today. It looks wild! The major difference, other than the 17-inch screen, is:

  1. (3) USB 2.0 slots as opposed to (2) on the 15.4-inch MacBook.
  2. 800 Firewire slot added.
  3. 8x Dual Layer DVD-Burner versus the 15.4-inch’s 4x Single Layer DVD-Burner.
  4. It comes with the 2.16GHz Dual Core Intel chips as standard.

For those wondering how much this laptop costs, $2799. Ouch. A bit on the pricey side.

I personally think that the 17-inch is too big of a laptop for mobility. Of course in most cases, people who opt for the 17-inch do so for functionality and more so as desktop replacement unit than something for portability and mobility. Our University Photographer and previous University Webmaster both had 17-inch PowerBooks and they are just crazy to see in person. I can definitely see the advantages of having a 17-inch screen, especially when I’m working on webpages, homework, etc. The 15.4-inch is perfect to use daily and it would be nice to have a 19-inch external LCD to plug into when I need more viewing area.

2 thoughts on “17-inch MacBook Pro Released”

  1. My Director just ordered one. The specs are: 17inch 2.16GHz Dual Core, 1GB RAM, with a 120GB (5400rpm) harddrive, and everything else default selection. I’ll try to get some shots of it when it comes in incomparasion to the 15.4.

  2. Check this out, if you go to store.apple.com and select MacBook Pro, spec out the 15.4inch with the following:

    2.16GHz Intel Core Dual
    1GB – 1 SO-DIMM
    120GB Serial ATA @ 5400 rpm

    and leave everything else default, you get a cost of $2,899.00.

    Now you go back and select the 17inch MacBook with the following specs:

    120GB Serial ATA @ 5400 rpm

    and leave everything else default so it matches up with the 15.4inch MacBook, you’ll get a cost of $2,799.00.

    Isn’t that interesting?

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