Verizon Wireless Sync and Palm Treo 650

So my work place issued me a Verizon Palm Treo 650 to go nicely with my personal Cingular Palm Treo 650 (yes I carry both around at the same time, and no I do not carry both of them simultaneously on me) about a month ago. I used to check my Lotus Notes (work) email from both my Treo’s via VersaMail.

Two weeks ago, after speaking with our Notes Architect, I learned of Wireless Sync. Apparently with Wireless Sync, using my Treo, I can send and receive my Notes email, receive and edit calendar entries, schedule meetings, to-do lists, etc. all pulled from the Notes Domino server. I can also have multiple accounts such as Exchange, IMAP, POP, etc.!

Installing and configuring the Treo for Wireless Sync is pretty straight forward. You go to and register for an account by filling out some information. A text message is sent by the site to your Treo with a link to download the Wireless Sync software onto your Treo. The size of the file is ~700Kb and takes approximately ~1-3 minutes to download, not bad considering you’re transfering off a phone network band.

Once the program is installed, you will notice two new programs installed: Mail and Wireless Sync. The Wireless Sync is the actual conduit interface that is equivalent to the “send and receive” function and Mail is an Intellisync program that handles your emails. I like Mail much more compared to VersaMail. It appears to be much more robust with features such as sorting by Date, From, Subject, Size, Priority, Attach, and Unread where with VersaMail, you couldn’t really sort by much of anything. Before you can really utilize these functions on the Treo, you have to configure the accounts at

Configuring the account(s) is quite simple. You are presented with two options in how you want to use Mail/Wireless Sync on your Treo: Internet/POP3/IMAP Email or Corporate Email. I’m going to concentrate on Notes for the most part because that is primarily what we are using it for. Because I don’t use my Notes account for much more other than email, I chose the first option. This first option is limiting in that you can’t take full advantage of the cool features that I listed above about creating/editing your calendar entries, to-do list, etc. The second option, Corporate Email, you have to install this PC application onto your computer (or perferably a computer that will always be on). This small application is basically like Intellisync (no suprise here since Wireless Sync is powered by Intellisync) in that it sits between the Hotsync Manager/Palm Desktop and Lotus Notes to allow calendar, address book, contacts, etc. to be sync’d into the Palm/Treo. The Wireless Sync PC application turns the computer that it is installed on into a special server that serves the information it pulls from your locally installed Notes account.

If you select option 1, you just have to fill out simple information such as username, email server, incoming email server (POP/IMAP), and outgoing email server (SMTP). That’s pretty much it.

If you select option 2, you have to download and install the application. The application *should* auto-detect the location of your Notes ID file, journal location, and so forth. In some cases it doesn’t and you just have to point it that way. You will have to save your Notes password into the program so that it is able to access your Notes account.

After doing option 1 or 2, in about 15 minutes (of you can manually “push” it by selecting Wireless Sync on the Treo and press either Sync or SyncXpress in the upper left hand column, neither one seems to make much difference) you should see your data coming in.

Now one of my co-workers and I both have an Exchange email account and wanted the same functionality with the Notes account simultaneously. We both elected to get the emails from our Exchange accounts differently though. I just selected option 1 as I did for Notes account and so thus I receive both my Notes and Exchange emails intermingled together into Mail. My co-worker wanted to be able to merge his Exchange calendar with his Notes calendar and I figured it would work because another co-worker of mine had his contacts from iSync sync over to his Notes Address Book (empty). Sadly that was not the case, for some reason Notes Calendar got priority over the Exchange Calendar and blanked out all his entries on the Treo. We will continue to investigate this and report back on new findings.

So far one thing some things we’ve noticed:

  1. The 15 minute sync time is unchangeable.
  2. You can’t stop the emails from coming in even if you unselect it as a sync option in the account management page.
  3. Notes Calendar seems to override Exchange Calendar entries on the Treo.

All in all, my three other co-workers and I seem to be quite happy with it. My third co-worker, who is also my lead, no longer has to actually HotSync via cable to get his Calendar, To-Do, and what-not. He was previously connected in with Intellisync Desktop Software 5.5.

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  1. Also I do believe it is possible to use both the Wireless Sync and Versamail, but it may cause the device to act funny such as reset every 15 minutes.

    I don’t see much reason to use both. You could connect the enterprise software via Wireless Sync and then use the IMAP/POP option for whatever other email source you want sent to the phone. This seems to work fine, as it is what I do on my Treo 650. I use Notes (desktop Wireless Sync client) and the POP settings at to get my personal sbcglobal email.

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