Mac OS X: Adobe CS2 and Apple’s Security Update 2006-03

So for the second time, I’ve had this problem: my MacBook would not get past the load up page (the one after the grey Apple with the spinning wheel) after applying Apple’s Security Update 2006-03. The first time, I had to reinstall the entire OS. This time, after searching around the web, it appears I’m not the only one to experience this problem. So for future reference, I decided to add this to our webpage.

The issues lies with some incompatibility with Adobe CS2 Version Cue that loads up in startup and the latest security update. The solution is to remove Version Cue from startup.


  1. Boot up in safe mode.
  2. Go to “Macintosh HD” and “Library”.
  3. Do a “Get Info” on the “StartupItems” folder.
  4. Expand the “Ownership & Permissions” tab and select “Details”.
  5. Click the lock and enter your password (if you have one set) and switch the owner from the “System” to your user account.
  6. Rename the folder to “StartupItems.old”.
  7. Change the “Ownership & Permissions” of “StartupItems.old” back to the “System”.
  8. Reboot and you should be able to get into your system again.

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