Got My New (Used) Camera

A present from my Dad, his old Nikon D100 with a Nikkor 28-200mm zoom lens. Reason I got this SLR was because my Dad upgraded to a Canon EOS 5D. This is the same camera that I used in New York when Andrea and I went. I got this camera on May 25, 2006. Since then I’ve been trying to learn the hang of this thing. It’s definitely no Canon EOS, but its still very nice.

Here are some quick facts about the Nikon D100:

Max Resolution 3008 x 2000
MegaPixels 6.0
Sensor Size 23.7 x 15.5 mm (Nikon DX)
Sensor Type CCD
ISO rating Auto, 200-1600
Max Shutter 1/4000
LCD 1.8″
LCD Pixels 118,000

One thought on “Got My New (Used) Camera”

  1. So I've had the D100 for almost five months now. What I currently have on it now is the MB-D100 (the battery pack addon/vertical shooter) and the Nikkor 28-105mm.In that time, I've also come to the conclusion that having a nice camera (e.g. Canon 5D, Canon 1Ds) certainly helps in taking nice shots, glass makes all the difference. Despite my D100 being older than some of the newer SLR on the market, it has potential still to compete, given a very nice glass, check out the shots done with the Nikkor 500mm. Sharp and crisp as hell! The colors are also very nice!

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