Reboot In Effect

Please bear with the slight mess, I’m currently rebooting Upon completion, this will be officially Bui4Ever v16. The major reason for this reboot is because I feel the other design has started to become dated and messy. Design v16 here reflects a return to basics and the use of summerish colors also. You’ll probably notice that the submenu items are missing. They’re not gone, I’m working on trying to organize them on the site better as opposed to drop down menus. (After much consideration, I think I shall continue to use the Drop Down Menu.) The look of the pages (e.g. Andrea and Rich, Resume, Contact Us, etc.) will get a complete redesign also.

Be on the look out for a PDA viewable version of Bui4Ever also.Please continue checking back to see the latest updates!

One thought on “Reboot In Effect”

  1. You'll probably started noticing some pretty icons for the sidebars. I figured it was a nice small touch that would spice up the site a bit with more colors and pics.

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