Adobe CS2 And MacBook Pro

So I’m experiencing some problems with Adobe CS2 and my MacBook again. Seems the latest problem was, I think, caused by a grip load of recent updates for CS2. About 95% of the updates installed fine, with one particular program not updating correctly. My luck, it happens to be the one program in the CS2 Suite that I use most often: Photoshop 9.

So the problem is that I can’t update Photoshop. When I use the Adobe Updater, it tells me that my Photoshop is outdated and so I run the updater. Then it, oddly enough, asks me to direct it to the Adobe Photoshop folder, which I do, but I can’t select the actual program so thus I can’t do an update. Now since everything else was able to update fine, I think its conflicting with Photoshop. I can open/edit/save all my pics as before, but when I try to upload it to here, the pictures won’t display. Apparently Photoshop is saving in a way that the decoders can’t read. I’ve tried resetting my Photoshop settings to default a few times in hopes that it would resolve it…nope. I’m about ready to do a fresh install…

3 thoughts on “Adobe CS2 And MacBook Pro”

  1. I’m still running Adobe CS2 on my MacBook and still seems to be fine. Other than for an occasional crash, usually when I try to run both Photoshop and Illustrator at the same time, and the slowness, it runs.

  2. I’ve noticed that on Macs with less than 2GB of RAM, when running Adobe Photoshop CS2 and Adobe Illustrator CS2 at the same time will usually cause Illustrator to crash.

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