Hoai’s Integra Photoshoot

Here are the pics from Hoai’s integra Photoshoot. I got an opportunity to use my dad’s Canon EOS 5D for this. Unfortunately I was using the wrong settings so the pics aren’t as nice as they could be. Doh! Perhaps next time.

Look forward to seeing another photoshoot of Hoai’s integra in the following weeks. He’s getting his underbody spoiler painted and some other mods done. Enjoy.

The Only Lens I Will Need: Nikkor 18-200mm

Ever since I’ve heard about this lens from Ken’s review on KenRockwell.com, I’ve developed glass envy. This is like a very well rounded glass that covers 90% of what I shoot. The Nikkor 18-200mm has a nice close range (18mm) which would give me a focal length of 27 versus the 28-105mm lens I currently have, whose focal length starts at 42…

The camera also comes with a 2 level VR (Vibration Reduction), which is perfect to reduce blurry shots. The cost for this glass is actually a pretty good deal, ~$749 for an 18-200mm with VR. In most cases, a good to great lens is in the upper $800 to $1000 range. This would have come in handy for the Elton John concert Andrea and I recently attended. Being able to only zoom up to 105mm (my current 28-105mm) is limiting, couldn’t quite get close up shots of his face, but with this guy, I’m pretty damn sure I could read the brand of sunglasses he was wearing (just kidding, but close enough with an extra 95mm of zoom).

The only major drawback to this lens is that it is only an f/3.5-5.6G making it not a well suited lens for low light conditions, but then again my current lens with f/3.5-4.5 does adequately in low light. Definitely not as bright as the f/2.8 lens I’ve had a chance to try, but still quite nice, never the less.

I’m currently accepting donations for it. Please make all checks out to Richard Bui. Thank you.

Elton John Concert Pics

We’ve have always wanted to see Elton John in concert, but it seemed hard to swing it because his performance schedule in Vegas was far and few. Fortunately for us, he happened to have a concert at the HP Pavillion here in San Jose.

The concert was great! We were expecting an opening band or musician, but much to our surprise, he didn’t have any. We even expected him to be late, but nope, he was there on the stage at his grand piano at 8 sharp. Elton John played quite a number of his old hits such as Andrea’s favorite, Daniel, and a few new ones like Postcard to Richard Nixon. Continue reading Elton John Concert Pics

Bui4Ever.com Loading Slow

It has come to my attention for some time now that Bui4Ever.com is taking a considerable time to load. While most of the features of the site (the Gallery) runs many times faster than on the previous webhost, the main page is running slower than it should be. According to a test run by WebsiteOptimization.com, on the current theme, the load times are: Continue reading Bui4Ever.com Loading Slow