Elton John Concert Pics

We’ve have always wanted to see Elton John in concert, but it seemed hard to swing it because his performance schedule in Vegas was far and few. Fortunately for us, he happened to have a concert at the HP Pavillion here in San Jose.

The concert was great! We were expecting an opening band or musician, but much to our surprise, he didn’t have any. We even expected him to be late, but nope, he was there on the stage at his grand piano at 8 sharp. Elton John played quite a number of his old hits such as Andrea’s favorite, Daniel, and a few new ones like Postcard to Richard Nixon.

I was able to get quite a bit of good shots of him and his band. The concert, as expected, was sold out. Elton John played straight through to about 11:30pm with no intermission, absolutely amazing! We definitely got our money’s worth.

Andrea and I do believe that this is probably not his normal Vegas performance because from what we had read, his performances are supposed to be very graphical. This concert was probably a PG-13 rating, the only reason being his song: The Bitch Is Back. The sound system of the HP Pavillion has never been that great, but it definitely sounded better than when we were last here to see Metallica in concert. Which probably has to do with the fact that Metallica is a heavy metal band vs. Elton John being more rock. This was Andrea’s favorite concert so far, I would rank this in my top 3, number 1 being the Nickelback concert in Marysville.

The pics can be found in the in our album in the gallery listed as 09-16-06 – San Jose, CA.

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