Fifth Floor Restaurant Review

5thfloorRestaurant.gifFor Andrea’s Birthday, this was my dinner selection. This was our first time at Fifth Floor Restaurant, which is located inside Hotel Palomar in San Francisco, CA on the (what else) fifth floor. This is an upscale French restaurant with superb service and splendid ambiance. The staff was very courteous, attentive, and sensitive to our dietary requirements.

For dinner, I chose the 7 course Chef’s Tasting Menu with a special request that venison (Andrea’s favorite) be included in one of the courses. It is worth nothing that the Chef’s Tasting Menu is changed on a regular basis. What is also unique about Fifth Floor versus Aqua (another high priced restaurant) is when our tasting dishes arrived; we both get to try something different. I like this because we can really share and actually try 14 (actually its less than that) different dishes in what is a 7 course tasting prix fixe meal.

Here are some of the dishes we had: the Lobster Tortellini (did I say this was incredible?), Atlantic Scallops, Warm Spiced Lobster Salad, Bluefin Toro & Osetra Caviar, Peking Duck Breast, Fennel Crusted Venison, Foie Gras, sobert and a few other equally great dishes that I don’t remember. A sample of their menu (PDF file) can be seen by clicking this link. For the champagne, we had Roederer Estate L’Ermitrage, excellent champagne!

And because it was Andrea’s birthday, she was treated to a fruit sobert, quite good. The 7 course meal may not seem like much when you first receive the first few dishes, but you’ll find yourself getting fuller and fuller with each new dish that arrives, this has to do with how rich each of the dishes was.

The place was not too loud, we could carry on a conversation quite easily. The seating arrangements were close, but not quite cramped. When making plans to go to Fifth Floor, keep in mind this isn’t a fancy restaurant, it is a very fancy restaurant, so be ready to shell out some cash. I would highly recommend this place for special birthdays, anniversaries, very special occasions, etc.. It does a romantic appeal, I am always impressed by a place that takes the effort to place fresh and real flowers on the table.

We were treated to an opportunity to see how they prepare a table for another guest. It’s carried out by one person who brings out everything he or she needs on a tray after the table has been completely cleared off, linen and all. They place the first table cover on, taking care to unfold it very neatly and evenly. Then they lay the top table sheet over, making sure there are no creases or uneven edges. Each plate and silverware is set down to a precise position, spaced evenly apart. This shows the attention to detail and it adds to the majestics of Fifth Floor.

It was a memorable night, and we would definitely go back. The cost of enjoying dinner here, having the seven course prix fixe meal with a bottle of champagne would be considered $$$$ out of $$$$$. We give this place a 4.9 out of 5 stars.

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