Verizon Wireless Sync and Palm Treo 650, part 2

Back in June, I originally posted a review of the Verizon Wireless Sync and Palm Treo 650 and now it is time to revisit the topic and also include some updates.

After nearly six months of using a Palm Treo 650 and the Wireless Sync method, I am still quite happy with the results. I am still able to send and receive my Lotus Notes emails, Lotus Notes calendar, and Lotus Notes contacts.

I’ve also been able to convince five of my clients to hop on the bandwagon, the only difference, I got them to get Verizon Treo 700p. Three of them do the same syncing as I do (Lotus Notes: mail, calendar, and contacts), one of them syncs Unix POP3 mail and Lotus Notes calendar and contacts, and the last person syncs only her Unix IMAP mail. Everyone has had relative success with the setup. On one occasion, one of the Treo 700p stopped sending and receiving calendar updates; a soft reset resolved the problem. In most cases when there is a problem with not being able to send or receive emails, calendar updates, etc. check the Wireless Sync status first cause in my experience, that is usually the cause of the non-syncing issues: computer lost network connectivity or the Wireless Sync agent crashed.

All-in-all, my clients have been pretty happy with the results. At this point, I would still recommend getting the Treo 650/700p and using the Wireless Sync.

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