Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook 7.0.2

Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook (affectionately shortened to DAMO) is an interface software by IBM designed to allow Microsoft Outlook to interface into the Domino Server. It was originally designed for users who are on Microsoft Exchange and are being migrated to Lotus Notes. I’ve found another use for it: clients who absolutely dread the Lotus Notes client.

I have done two installations so far and it’s relatively straight forward. I will be posting a how-to soon with detailed pictures and instructions for those who are interested.

The two people I have installed DAMO for, seem relatively happy with it. One person was a brand new staff, so didn’t have many emails and another person has been a staff for awhile and so she has many emails with folders with emails inside of them. The first person, everything went successful. He was able to send and receive emails from Outlook, create folders and move emails around. He is also able to see his calendar and other people are able to make changes to his calendars (ones with permission to). The only drawback of DAMO is that users of DAMO are unable to open other calendars or use group calendars.

The second person, after the installation, everything seemed to go smoothly, but we ran into a few issues concerning archived emails. The DAMO didn’t pull them in. I need to check to see if they are local archives or server archives. I’ll elaborate more when I can conduct a more thorough investigation.

Both users are able to utilize Lotus webmail also. I don’t anticipate too many of my clients making the switch, despite some of their reservations with Notes, because many of them depend upon seeing other people’s calendars.

BTW, DAMO is only for Windows users.

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