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For my birthday, Andrea took me to Harris Restaurant at 2100 Van Ness Ave. in San Francisco, CA. I must say this place is much more fancy than any steakhouse I’ve ever been too. You walk in here and you would expect high priced Frenchie food or overpriced American food. And the worse part in some cases, the restaurant looks better than the food tastes.

Fortunately this isn’t one of those places. The steaks are excellent bordering on perfect. All the steaks are aged 21 days before being served; giving them a whole different taste and tenderness not achievable with grocery store brought cuts. The first thing you’ll notice when you walk in, a glass display of various raw cuts of their steaks (NY Strip, Rib-eye, Filet Mignon, etc.) for sale. None of the cuts are spiced or sauced. Their prices do seem a bit steep for a raw cut, $19 per pound for the ribeye and $25 per pound for the Filet Mignon, but if its anything like how it tastes at the restaurant, its worth it for an occasional treat.

We started our meal out with Baby Spinach Salad (spinach with apple wood-smoked bacon, pine nuts, mushrooms, soy vinaigrette) as our appetizer. One order is plenty for two people. The Baby Spinach Salad was good, the amount of dressing used (soy vinaigrette) was enough to get the subtle taste and not drenching the spinach. The pine nuts definitely add a little something different to the taste, in a good way.

From there, Andrea ordered a Rib-eye steak cooked medium, it was very tender, juicy, and quite generous of a portion (it looked about a pound). Be warned, the side of vegetables that they serve with the steaks are just peas in a pod with some carrot slices, nothing special. The rib-eye is definitely highly recommended, although I’m a bit bias, since rib-eye is one of my favorite cuts of steak.

I had the Executive Cut on the Bone Prime Rib, which was also excellent. It was very tender, juicy, and flavorful. The portion size of this prime rib is extremely large, bigger than their rib-eye steak cut. It had to definitely be more than a pound. This too was served with the vegetables (ahem, peas in a pod) and a side of creamed spinach (which was good).

The service was good, our waiter was attentive and not intrusive. He came by on occasion and refilled our Roderer Estate Brut champagne when it seemed like it was getting low. Water was refilled without having to be asked. One of the things that Andrea found interesting was that they have a dedicated bread waiter who went periodically table-to-table carrying his basket of various breads to refill patron’s empty bread dish.

The best time to have dinner on a Saturday seems to be about 6ish P.M. as by 7 P.M. and on, it begins getting busier. They also check-in coats and umbrellas, which is a nice touch.

One thing worth mentioning is that they have private rooms. One room that looked particularly nice is the Library room outfitted with four tables, two of which are for couples and the other two for four people, and a fireplace. The room seems a tad bit crowded as the tables are a bit closer than I personally like, not quite elbowing the neighboring table, but close enough to reach out and touch the other party. The other private room is one table for a total of eight or so people. Not too roomy, but not quite cramped either. Also Harris Restaurant has window seating, but the way it is laid out, the window seating are for parties of four or bigger.

Parking can be rather difficult as there is only street parking. They do have valet parking for $7 and there is public parking about a block away down Pacific for $10. There doesn’t seem to be a dress code, but most of the patrons were either in suits or had a dress shirt with slacks. I’m sure a person could come in jeans and a t-shirt, but would probably feel out of place. It is highly recommended that reservations are made (415-673-1888).

We both enjoyed our dishes and was quite pleased with the ambiance and decor. We highly recommend this place for any lovers of fine steaks.

My rating: 4.0 stars

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