Bei Jing Buffet Restaurant Review

At the recommendation of Andrea’s dad, we tried this new Chinese buffet place that opened next to the Holiday Inn on Airport Blvd in South San Francisco, Ca.

So the first thing we noticed when we arrived there was that it was packed! Probably has to do with the holiday season and maybe it was Friday also. The place is big and the selection adequate.

When you arrive, depending on how pack the place is, there is a ma√étre d’ will give you a number (written on a small yellow post it) and start calling out numbers to seat people. Despite getting a number of 29 and he was calling out for number 9, we were seated within 20 minutes of arriving.

Their food selection is a mixture of seafood, Chinese, American, Japanese, and grill (raw food you take to a chef to cook). The food was pretty decent, although some of them was a bit greasy. Three dishes we would recommend getting is the chicken on a stick, stuffed mushroom, and better shrimp (I think they meant butter…). Stay away from the roasted chicken because it is waaaayyyyyy too greasy and is dry and bland. The broccoli and chicken was not any better and the Mongolian pork didn’t have much taste. They also have some selections of sushi rolls and seaweed salad. There is also conch for those who like that… The baked mussels were ok, a bit greasy also. The Korean BBQ ribs were way too fatty and greasy and didn’t taste very good at all. Andrea didn’t like the Miso soup they had and I thought the Hot and Sour soup was good. The lunch selection is definitely plentiful: fried rice, chow mien, fried wings, fried fish, pepperoni pizza, lots of desserts, cold shrimp, cold lobster legs, lemon chicken, etc. I’m sure everyone can find something they will like here.

The pricing is decent for the amount of food; lunch is $7.99 per person with $1.59 for beverage per person with free refill and dinner is $14.99. Not sure how the dinner would stack up, but I’m sure they would have lobster and crabs…

The staff is decent, they do clean the used plates off the table, but we didn’t get a single refill the entire time (didn’t ask either). One thing worth noting, their restrooms are extremely filthy, enter the Holiday Inn and use their facilities instead. I won’t bother with the description of the condition of the restroom, but heed my advice and avoid it.

The place is located at 245 S. Airport Blvd., South San Francisco, Ca 94080. They can be reached at 650-837-9068. Business hours are: Mon-Fri (lunch) 10:30am t0 3:30pm and (dinner) 3:30pm to 10pm and on Saturday and Sunday, all day dinner buffet from 10:30am to 10:30pm.

We recommend this place as decent for both value and quality of food. Not the worse buffet we been to and neither the best.

My rating: 3.0 stars

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  1. Saturday February 24th was my first experience at Bie Jing Buffet.
    Since then I have been telling all my friends and co workers what a fantastic place this is. When you first walk in they have a beautiful pond. The food and variety is too wonderful to even dicribe. I would recommend to anyone – go there once and you will have to go back again.

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