How To Change 3rd Gen iPod Battery


Is your iPod not holding its charge as well as when you first got it? Can’t listen to your iPod more than a few hours because the battery dies? You can take it to an Apple store and for ~$60 you can get a similar refurbished iPod. But what if the iPod has sentimental value and you don’t want to trade it in for somebody else’s iPod? And what if you just don’t want to spend ~$60 when you could pay less than $20 and do it yourself?

How Easy Is It?

2006-12-25 - iPod Battery Replacement - 003.jpgSo I’m sure everyone is wondering how easy this is? Pretty easy, does require a bit of hand-eye coordination and care, but is not very difficult at all. What makes it easy is the kit you can buy from Laptops for Less which comes with a tool that has a very thin flat head and a special star tool for removing the motherboard.

This Guide Is For?

This guide only works for 3rd Generation slim model Apple iPods.


This guide is provided for educational purposes only. We do not assume any responsibility for any damages or make any claims of 100% accuracy. Please do not attempt if you do not feel you can handle this.


  1. According to Laptops for Less, measure one side of the iPod using a ruler 6 cm from the top (where the headphone plug and Hold button are located).
    2006-12-25 - iPod Battery Replacement - 004.jpg
  2. Carefully pry the front plate from the rear plate starting on one side at the 6 cm mark and work the way towards the bottom and towards the other side.
    2006-12-25 - iPod Battery Replacement - 005.jpg2006-12-25 - iPod Battery Replacement - 006.jpg
  3. Carefully remove the rear plate from the bottom at an angle becarefully not to rip the wire that connects to the motherboard.
    2006-12-25 - iPod Battery Replacement - 007.jpg
  4. Remove that wire.
    2006-12-25 - iPod Battery Replacement - 008.jpg
  5. The harddrive is encased inside the blue rubber covers and will lift up easily. Be gentle because the harddrive has a cable underneath it that connects to the motherboard.
    2006-12-25 - iPod Battery Replacement - 009.jpg2006-12-25 - iPod Battery Replacement - 010.jpg2006-12-25 - iPod Battery Replacement - 011.jpg
  6. Once the harddrive is removed, its easy to remove the battery. You’ll also notice that the cables from the battery to the motherboard is looped under part of the motherboard. It is easy to remove, but be gentle as not to damage anything.
    2006-12-25 - iPod Battery Replacement - 013.jpg2006-12-25 - iPod Battery Replacement - 014.jpg2006-12-25 - iPod Battery Replacement - 015.jpg
  7. Putting the new battery in is easy, but you’ll find relooping the wire somewhat difficult without removing the two screws on the bottom where the power wire is to lightly lift up the motherboard to slide the power wire underneath.
    2006-12-25 - iPod Battery Replacement - 021.jpg2006-12-25 - iPod Battery Replacement - 020.jpg2006-12-25 - iPod Battery Replacement - 019.jpg
  8. Putting everything back together is as easy as reversing all the directions. Be gentle and take your time as to not damage any of the parts.
    2006-12-25 - iPod Battery Replacement - 022.jpg

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