Advanced editing for WordPress 2.0

Expanded TinyMCE for WordPress 2.0

I’ve found the TinyMCE/Pretty Editor default from a standard WordPress installation to be quite limiting. Especially since I use a lot of headings, I didn’t want to keep going in and out of html mode just to put headers. Then one of the most irritating things is the lack of a easy Insert Tables button.

A simple Google search produced Assaf Arkin’s Labnotes page with instructions and a plugin on how to expand the limiting TinyMCE from a default WordPress installation. I’m reprinting his directions here for my notes with the Insert Table fixes so I don’t have to read through some 144 comments to find the answer again.

Where’s The Plugin?

The plugin can be downloaded directly from Assaf’s website via this link here.

Installation Directions

Upload that downloaded plugin file to My-WordPress-Directory/wp-content/plugins/ and activate in Site Admin > Plugins.

In order to use the Table and Full Screen functions, download this version of the TinyMCE. Extract the contents and navigate to tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/. Upload table and fullscreen to My-WordPress-Directory/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/. Now when you go to Site Admin > Write > Write Post or Write Page, you’ll see some new tools.

You may also notice that everything appears on one line and overlaps over some other options making it a bit difficult to access all the new tools of the TinyMCE. Fret not, there is an easy fix. Here is a simple explanation of how to separate some of the tools to a second or third line by Assaf:

say you want to add the insert table and fullscreen buttons to the second line, remove these items from the array in extended_editor_mce_buttons, and rewrite extended_editor_mce_buttons_2 to return them instead:

function extended_editor_mce_buttons_2($buttons) {return array("table", "fullscreen"); }

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