Welcome To 2007

The years seem to pass by so quickly! It wasn’t too long ago when we were all worried about Y2K and the Apocalypse. Then the dreaded events of September 11, 2001 in which, we’ll never forget…

Now as we are ready to enter a New Year, there is always that feeling of dread and excitement of what new tidings will come. I know Andrea and I are very excited; this year we shall be husband and wife. But during that time, it’ll be wrought with stress, excitement, and anxiety as wedding plans continue.

Professionally, we’re both doing great! We both enjoy very much what we do and look forward to a great year.

As far as our New Year’s Resolutions, all I can say, we’re not much of Resolution kind of people. We do continue to absolve and endeavor to do our very best towards all our goals and we wish everyone peace, happiness, and prosperity!

Happy New Year! It will be a great year!

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