Problem With Palm Treo 700p

Two of my clients with the Verizon Palm Treo 700P are experiencing some problems. One day, all of a sudden, their Palm Treos decided to start reset looping. What is happening is that the Treo is refusing to boot into the Palm OS. It would reset, you see the Access Powered splash screen and then it goes blank, resets back to the Access Powered splash screen again and again until the battery is drained.

One of my clients spent time speaking with Verizon techs (on the phone and in store) trying to resolve the issue. Neither of the techs had ever seen an issue like this before, and soft resets and hard resets had no effect. A hard reset only went so far as seeing the confirmation screen to erase all data, after selecting “yes”, it would continue the reset cycle.

Ultimately, my client’s Treo was replaced with another one. Now another one of my clients is experiencing the same exact problem. The only similarities between the Treos is that they are both 700P and utilize the Verizon Wireless Sync.

3 thoughts on “Problem With Palm Treo 700p”

  1. The oddest thing happened yesterday. I decided to do one final hard reset and it brought up the confirmation screen to erase all data, to which I clicked up (or Yes) and it went through! The Palm Treo 700p booted fine! It’s been working for about a day and a half without rebooting now. I didn’t do anything special other than pull out the battery for almost a day before putting it back in. Not sure what it could have been…

  2. DOH! Another one of my clients is experiencing the same exact problems with her Treo. This makes three total people so far who are experiencing the reboot loop. She spent time with Verizon tech and they say that her phone is defective. I’m wondering if there is a bad batch of Treo 700p, since these three clients purchased their Treos relatively close in time to each other?

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