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I’ve heard about RoundCube Webmail for a while now, but never had a chance to get it up and running. Webmail is an amazing thing, especially in a day and age where mobility is very important. Many people today are using pure webmail services such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and individual ISP webmails.

In many cases, those usually work just fine. But when you have your own webpage, its somewhat of a novelty to have your own email address, such as richard [at] Has a more “official” tone when you’re answering emails received from the website or what not.

So I just recently installed RoundCube Webmail, its basically a webmail program very similar to Squirrel Mail or Horde Mail, both of which are horribly slow and clunky. What RoundCube Webmail offers is a much leaner code that utilizes CSS and AJAX allowing for branding of the entire email system into a website, so essentially you could be your own Gmail or Yahoo with your site logos and own design. It’s an amazing program; very fast with drag and drop! I’ll continue to report more on it as I use it more.

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