Andrea and Rich

Chapter 1: Chance Encounter

How we met, I’ll never forget. How we were happy before we met, I can’t even remember it. Our story begins by a chance encounter, serendipity if you will. A young lady with the most enchanting green eyes was seeking assistance in removing the amber diffusers from her front headlights.

This lady, Andrea, happened to wander onto a car forum that my friend and I frequent. What she sought, we just so happen to provide. That sparked numerous of private messages back and forth which eventually graduated to e-mails. The conversations were mainly about what she wanted to do to her car, occasional work related ranting, and just ranting in general. We’d also settled on the meeting time and date, Saturday, April 26, 2003 at about 10 a.m..

The amber diffuser removal went smoothly and we also installed the navigation conversion kit into her car that allows her to watch DVD movies and television (I had convinced her to get this mod during one of our many chat sessions. After that day, I think Andrea caught a case of the “mod-bug” (the continuing fascination to mod one’s vehicle and diligently searching for new modifications) because we continued to talk about more car modifications. Picture 007Part of it, I think, we were both looking for an excuse to continue talking to each other. By this point we were primarily communicating at work on AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). After awhile we were calling each other up on our breaks, then breaks and lunch, and finally breaks, lunch, and at home also. We were spending more and more time talking less and less about cars and more about each other, our jobs, and life in general. To this day, I have not met anyone else who can capture my attention and captivate me for as long as Andrea can. We quickly became best friends. In the couple months we spoke since our first meeting (we had a few other ones after that one to continue modding Andrea’s car), we had such a familiarity and comfort level with each other, another person could have mistaken us for old buddies that have a long history together. We shared all our deepest, most private secrets, dreams, and hopes, unabashed with each other. At one point, we were speaking to each other on AIM, on the phone for breaks, on the phone for lunch, on the phone when we got home until we had to go to bed!

Chapter 2: Our Story

It should be no surprise where all that talking and sharing of secrets would 2006-12-11 - Las Vegas - 068eventually lead to. Our first date involved a romantic movie (Cold Mountain) at AMC Theater’s and dinner at a TGI Friday’s in San Jose. I remember being nervous, but very ecstatic at the same time; we spent the night immersed in each other’s conversation. This was in January 2004. I’ve found many interests that I didn’t know I had before I met Andrea; from music (I never even knew who Air Supply was until I met Andrea) to being outdoors to wine and champagne. Andrea has been a very positive influence on my life; actually she has been the other half of my life, in all honesty. Just a look at the many hundreds of pictures of places we’ve been together is but a small glimpse into the fun we have together. Without a doubt, she is the One.

Chapter 3: A New Chapter, Together

Before the mark of a new year, I finally proposed to my love; to which she accepted. Now begins our new journey towards a life together as husband and wife.

Chapter 4: I Now Present Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bui

On a beautiful day, October 6 of 2007, Andrea and I tied the knot becoming Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bui. It was a joyous day shared by family and our closes friends. To find out more about our journey, please visit our personal website at