Launch of v14

The newly redesigned This design represents some fundamental changes in how I create websites, many of which I will discuss in detail on a subsequent post. But as a preview to how this has changed over the previous designs: much, much leaner code. Bui4Ever v13c was 1.3MB for the theme alone! Bui4Ever v14b is 428KB, an enormous difference when you’re talking about web pages and load times. I’ve also gotten to a point where I can now do almost anything I want, design wise, without hacking any of the theme or core WordPress files. Many things such as the sidebar is now powered by the Hemingway system which allows the sidebar to be changed from within the WordPress Control Panel. I have also found out how to properly use the templating system to achieve much more desirable results in terms of creating and maintaining pages.

Another cool feature I’m testing out, Addicted Live Search. So far it’s awesome, check it out in the sidebar. It’s an AJAX powered live search.

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