Osmosis: The Enzyme Bath Spa

This is the third time we’ve been to Osmosis and I’ve finally decided to write a review about this place. The best thing about Osmosis is the general ambiance of nature and relaxation. Osmosis is located out in Sebastopol, CA, near Rohnert Park and 30 minutes from Wine Country. The location has a small, intimate town feel void of traffic and general city people. The decor of the place is Japanese and follows in the traditions as such. Shoes are removed before entering and many of the doors are sliding Japanese doors. Tea is served while waiting for your appointment.

Osmosis sits on quite a bit of land, with a vast Japanese garden complete with Koi fishes and a pond. Guests can spend some time walking through the garden and enjoying the peaceful outdoors while waiting for their spa treatment appointment or after a wonderfully relaxing spa treatment.

The First Visit: Rejuvenation Package

The first time we came here, we did the Rejuvenation Package for two with a facial in place of the Swedish Esalen massage. It takes a total of two-and-a-half hours from start to finish. They begin by separating us into individual dressing rooms to change into robes. Afterwards we are led into a sitting room with a sliding glass door that lets us out into an enclosed area with a small pond, some fishes, and a little walking bridge as the bath attendant prepares the enzyme bath. In the sitting room we are served tea with an organic herbal mixture that features 25 different organically grown plants that aides in digestion that works in conjunction with the enzyme bath. After 20 minutes or so, we are led into the enzyme bath room with a nice secluded outdoor view. Since we did this as a couple, we got the couple’s enzyme bath room which is a bigger tub for both of us. The bath attendant fills the wood chips in around us and finally on us. Occasionally she will change our forehead towel, soaking it in nice cold water and putting it on our forehead and offering us water as we need it. Typically people spend about 30 minutes or so in here. Andrea and I generally found the heat to get too hot for us after 15 minutes and we end up digging off of us some of the wood chips, as the bath attendant recommends to do if you get too hot. Afterwards, we dust any clinging wood chips to outside (don’t worry, the fence is very high so you’re not visible as you’re cleaning each other off. After we got most of the chips off, we went into a couple’s shower room to rinse off. After the shower, we go upstairs and wait for our individual estheticians, one of the few things that is not done as couple. The facial fills up the remaining time.

Second Visit: Rejuvenation Package

For Andrea’s birthday, I selected Osmosis to start out the day. I chose the Rejuvenation Package again since our first experience was wonderful and Andrea is particular about massages. This went pretty much exactly as the first experience.

Third Visit: Facial with Massages

Andrea is planning to get 1 facial per month until our wedding, so for the first one, I decided to join her. I didn’t do the facial, just Andrea, but we did do the couple’s massage. We did the indoor version, not the outside in the garden one. For the couple’s massage, they place us in the same room together with separate massagers. It was a good experience.

Address and Phone Number

Osmosis is located at 209 Bohemian Highway, Freestone, CA. They can be contacted at 707-823-8231.


Here are some pictures of the Japanese garden:
2007-03-03 - Sebasterpol (Osmosis) - 008.jpg 2007-03-03 - Sebasterpol (Osmosis) - 012.jpg 2007-03-03 - Sebasterpol (Osmosis) - 027.jpg
More pictures can be found in our gallery here.

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