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I’m a little late jumping on the bandwagon on this, but I just successfully integrated WordPress Widgets to one of my other sites. It’s very intuitive and has a lot of potential, so I’m planning all future themes/sites I do will utilize Widgets.

Bui4Ever v14b (this current theme) utilizes the Hemingway Blocks, which is the predecessor to Widgets. While the Hemingway Blocks work great, in terms of being able to add new blocks is limited. So in the next coming days, Bui4Ever v14b will become Bui4Ever v14c which will replace the Hemingway Blocks with Widgets.

For those who don’t know what the Hemingway Blocks and Widgets do; it is an add-on that allows for on the fly customization of the sidebar without having to be familiar with HTML code or PHP code. It also allows for simple sidebar customization such order and what is placed in the sidebar. Previous to the Hemingway Blocks and Widgets, any changes to the sidebar must be made via code. Both of these two system utilize AJAX to drag and drop blocks and widgets.

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  1. Bui4Ever v14c officially launches with WordPress Widgets. The switch from Hemingway Blocks to WordPress Widgets for the sidebar was not as difficult as I thought it would be. There is a problem I’m encountering that I have not been able to solve. Certain Widget Plugins do not appear in the Plugin activation screen. These plugins, so far, are: King Includes, King Login, King Calendar, and Bookmark Widget. I’m currently working on trying to figure out the problem.

  2. In case anyone is interested, I have modified fplogin.php (Front Page Login Widget), original file here.

    The redirection issue is now fixed, so regardless of what page a user is at, when they login, they will return to the same exact spot.

    I’ve also fixed it so its semantically correct and can be easily styled via CSS.

    Download it here.

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