What Am I Up To Now?

So some people have been asking me what is it that I do exactly? As you may have heard, I left San Jose State almost two months ago. I left State service to pursue new interests and new challenges, so now I currently work for the City and County of San Francisco (CCSF). My official designation, IS Administrator III.

It has been a blast so far, I’m learning all sorts of new and interesting things especially about law and justice, as the department I’m working in is the Office of the Public Defender. While there are similarities in my job duties between being and IS Administrator III and an Information Technology Consultant (official title at San Jose State University), there are quite a few key differences. One of the key differences, my primary day-to-day responsibilities are no longer desktop support (although I do backup the desktop support person when he needs help or isn’t here). My primary responsibilities are to assist the trial attorneys in court through use of information systems. I attend court to watch the attorneys in trial and analyze and assess methods to which they can better convey their message to the jurors. It’s quite fascinating!

I’m also working on the redesign/restructing of the internal and public websites, along with two other people. It’s definitely going to use WordPress as the backend and xhtml and CSS for the design.

Some other projects that the IT Unit (there are five of us, excellent team BTW!) is to bring Active Directory to the office, development of a case management system (HUGE project), developing a laptop and A/V checkout system (which I’m developing), development of an online support ticket system (I’m also developing), and a few other various projects.

So yea, I definitely have my work cut out for me and plus with the Wedding and everything else, the days are just zooming by.

And for those that are interested, working for the State, you get paid once a month (usually on the 1st), but with the County, you get paid twice a week (usually on a Tuesday). I get eleven paid holidays versus the State’s fourteen and one personal day, but I get four personal holidays that I can use anytime which about equals out. The retirement benefit is much better with the State versus City and County of San Francisco, but County of San Mateo is right on par with the State. And the pay? The County definitely compensates much, much better.

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