Grand National Rodeo at Cow Palace

On Saturday, Andrea and I attended the Grand National Rodeo at the Cow Palace. It’s quite an experience when you watch an actual rodeo in person. The Cow Palace was only about 70% filled. We also got treated to a Heart concert after the rodeo, which was cool.

Pics are here: . Pictures taken with my Canon EOS XTi with Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L USM lens.

3 thoughts on “Grand National Rodeo at Cow Palace”

  1. Hello,
    Thank you for the great shots of the GNR Rodeo ! My company (21st Century Entertainment) provided the video production for the big screen at the event. I didn’t have any photos of our cameramen or the big screen at work; fortunately you captured all of it in your photos! I’m also thankful that you also captured the Heart Concert, you can see my guys at work; stage right and left…. Thanks again!

    The Video Cameras we used for the 2007 Grand National Rodeo – Camera 1 in the Shoot’s is using a Sony PDX-10 DV CAM, Camera 2 Sony VSX1000 and Camera 3 XL1 W/ Lens Doublers all feeding into a VT4.5 from New Tec.

    How can I get copies of the photos?



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