So I tried doing my civic duty, only to be dismissed by the presiding Judge.


On Monday, I reported to Jury Summons as ordered at 1:30 pm, checked in and they had us watch this DVD of the steps that will happen in trial from opening arguments, presenting of evidence, closing arguments, and deliberations. After waiting for nearly two hours, my name was finally called to report to Department 13 at the Hall of Justice for Hardships. Hardships is where you go before the Judge and explain if there is a particular reason as to why you wouldn’t be able to serve as a juror, whether it be because of planned vacation during the days of trial in which transportation and/or hotels have already been booked, any medical injuries, full-time student in which serving would severely impact school work, critical work situation in which you cannot be absent, peace officer (because of the nature of the crime), etc.

The Judge then decides if the excuse warrants a deferment, in which you will be rescheduled to another time in the near future or a dismissal in which you’re placed back on the random jury summons rotation. Only one person was granted a dismissal because he was a cardiothoracic specialist that is booked a year in advance and hasn’t taken a vacation since 1979. He looked like he was at least seventy years old.

So afterwards, we were dismissed and ordered to return to Department 13 on Tuesday.


So on Tuesday, the Deputy Public Defender and the Assistant District Attorney appear with the Judge in further narrowing down the jury pool to twelve. As a group, we were asked by the Judge if we knew any of the witnesses or officers that will be testifying. One person was excused because he just had dinner with one of the officers and his fiance. Then the Judge asked if there was anyone else who knew the witnesses or the attorneys, to which I stood up and said I knew the Deputy Public Defender, Milo. How I know him (because I work with him in the same office) and then she immediately proceeded to excuse me.

And because the City and County of San Francisco is on the “One-Day” or “One Trial” thing (you come for half a day and if you are selected you only have to attend one trial and if you’re not selected you still get credit for serving), I don’t have to worry about being summoned for at least one year.

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  1. They will ask “subliminal” questions to see who is okay to be on a jury. The questions they ask tend to relate to the participants in the case. If you would have said,”one of my best friends is a police officer,” they probably would have let you go. I got picked to be on a jury, and it wasn’t too bad. Everyone that said they knew a police officer, on a personal level, was dismissed. The worst part was coming up with a verdict. OMG… You would not believe the crap that comes up when you try to reach a verdict. Makes ya wanna slap someone!!!

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