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I finally get a chance to try Windows Vista Ultimate Edition…ooooohhh…

I know quite a number of people have probably already tried Microsoft Windows Vista, and some even before Vista was released or even beta released (*cough, cough* hackers and downloaders), I have myself a legitimate copy of Windows Vista Ultimate Edition. I’ve installed it on my work laptop, a Gateway MA7 T2400 with Intel 1.83 GHz, 512MB RAM, and a 40GB hard drive. Windows Vista Ultimate is installed as the only OS, so no dual booting, just normally installed. It will connect to our Windows 2003 Enterprise Active Directory Server and utilize Symantec AntiVirus 10.2.

Also for kicks, and my own reference since I never really know what’s the difference between the four versions, I’ve reprinted a similar table as found on the Microsoft site.


As you can see, having Windows Vista Ultimate means having all the latest bells and whistle of the latest and newest OS from Microsoft. There are actually a lot of cool features on this list that I look forward to trying such as scheduled backup, making DVDs, and creating high definition movies.

I know there have been lots of talk about how much of a RAM hog Windows Vista is, but I have to say, running Windows Vista Ultimate with only 512MB of RAM is running, surprisingly, better than I thought. I am using the Aero theme and my base score is 2.9…probably the bare minimal to actually make Windows Vista run. The score breakdown is:


As expected, the laptop scored lowest in RAM. Hopefully I can get another 512MB RAM stick for a total of 1GB RAM, and if I’m lucky, a 1GB RAM stick for 1.5GB RAM.

I’ll report more on my thoughts on Windows Vista as I begin using more and more of it.

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