Adobe CS2 Is Not Compatible With Windows Vista

After spending a few frustrating hours trying to install Adobe CS2 Suite on my Windows Vista laptop, I have come to the conclusion that it is not compatible.

The first few parts go fine, you stick in CD 1 of 4, enter your information and the key and it starts the installation process. For those who have installed Adobe CS and Adobe CS2 will know that when you start the installation, there is a progress bar indicator at the bottom telling you how far into the install of each of the CDs and when it reaches the end of CD 1, it prompts you to insert CD 2 to continue. I thought it was a bit odd when the indicator was halfway through CD 2 when I still had CD 1 inserted when it finally prompted me to insert CD 2. This continued to until right about CD 4 when the entire installer froze on me. This was after 160 minutes (according to the indicated time elapsed) had passed. I had no choice but to end the task and process.

Figuring it wasn’t quite a loss cause yet, I reinserted CD 1 to which it gave me two choices: reinstall, change, repair the current installation or uninstall the entire suite. I gave option 1 a go, so it went a screen showing the entire suite of programs, of which: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Acrobat were listed as “Not Installed” whereas the remaining programs were listed as “Installed”. I changed the Not Installed to Install and it proceeded to ask me to insert CD 3, which I did, then it spit it out after a minute or two asking for CD 4 which I stuck in.

After another minute or two, it said install was successfully. So I tried opening Adobe Photoshop and I get an error message saying that Photoshop can’t run because it might not have been properly installed. I try rebooting the computer and still the same problem.

So I stick in CD 1 and select option 2, to uninstall the entire suite. After like 20 minutes, the entire suite was uninstalled, I tried reinstalling again. When it started doing the same thing again, progress bar halfway through CD 2 with CD 1 still in the CD tray, I figured Adobe CS2 is not compatible with Windows Vista. One other odd thing I noticed during installation the first time when it was taking a while, the CD had stopped spinning. So yea, looks like I’m not going to be able to do any graphics related work on the laptop. Bummer.

After a bit of research online, seems like the consensus is the same, Adobe has already said that CS2 is not compatible with Vista and they have no plans on making it compatible. Although worth mentioning that while Adobe says CS2 is not compatible with Vista, it is not ruling out the possibility that it does work with minor glitches, they do make it clear that Adobe Acrobat does not work at all on Vista, here is the PDF detailing as much, do a search for CS2 and it is the second question.

It’s amazing how these big companies expect that when a consumer is able to upgrade, they must have money to upgrade everything. I mean considering that Windows Vista costs almost half a grand and Adobe CS3 (depending on the version you get) can be anywhere from $400 to almost $2000, you’re spending quite a bit of money before you could even starting doing any work.

-EDIT- In anticipation of being able to install Adobe CS2, I found some extra RAM I had laying around and bumped the Gateway MA7 from 512MB (2 slots of 256MB RAM) to 1GB (2 slots of 512MB RAM) which seems to make quite a difference, bumping my base score to 3.3 now. Richard is happy.

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