Windows Cannot Connect To The Printer Error 0×00000bcb

In the office we have numerous HP LaserJets on the network for printing. This is what happened when I try installing a network printer on Windows Vista.

So what I did was go to Control Panel > Printers > Add a printer. Then I selected “Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer”, to which it started browsing the network for nearby printers.

Because all our network printers are mapped on the Active Directory server, I selected “The printer that I want isn’t listed”, then selected “Find a printer in the directory, based on location or feature”, found the printer I wanted to add. It goes through the process and then bam!, I get this error message:

“Windows cannot connect to the printer. Operation could not be completed (error 0x00000bcb).”

Doing a Google search produced this answer on Mark Minasi’s Reader Forum. So based on this I need to install the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) on my Vista machine. Microsoft’s site is a twisted maze of dead ends and endless worthless search results trying to find the MMC for Vista. I finally ended up downloading MMC 3.0 for XP… Imagine my surprise when I try installing it and get this error message: “Not enough storage is available to process this command.” Grrr.

So after consulting with my co-worker, I think the better solution is to install the Vista driver on the Server. The only Vista drivers for the LaserJet 2300 is HP Universal Drivers which didn’t work for me. I’m taking a break from this for awhile.

Okay, finally got it to work. I went to and searched for the Windows Vista drivers for the LaserJet 2300n and downloaded the HP Universal Drivers PCL 5. I installed it on my Gateway M7A and did the same steps as in the beginning and viola, it works. Problem solved.

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  1. Richard,

    I am a writer for a printer site and we are still getting numerous users asking questions + having problems with Vista & printer drivers like the one you explain above. You know, most users have little or no tech knowledge and even the most simple operation like the one you had to do would be too much for them.

    Looking forward to the next gen Windows coming up (I hear they are working on a new system, building it from the bottom vs. now where they are just adding to the old modules)where things hopefully run more smoothly.

    Anyway, will continue visiting you, keep up the good work.

    Regards, John (Oslo, Norway)

  2. SCENARIO: Print Server Windows Server 2003 R2, station Windows 7 with 64-bit and HP LaserJet P4015n

    PROBLEM: Windows 7 64-bit stations can not add HP LaserJet P4015n from print server Windows Server 2003 R2 showing the error 0x000007e

    SOLUTION: In the print server, delete the registry key “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionPrintPrinters[PrinterName]CopyFilesBIDI”

    CAUSE: The station of user was trying to access a path that the 64-bit operating systems do not recognize as valid: “spooldriversw32x863”. This path is set in the printer settings on the Print Server.

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