Lotus 6.5.4 Works on Windows Vista

Lotus Notes 6.5.4 works on Windows Vista Ultimate. And what’s more surprising, it’s actually running quite quick.

15 thoughts on “Lotus 6.5.4 Works on Windows Vista”

  1. Were there any tricks involved with getting it to run properly? Do you know if 6.5.4 will operate on Vista Home Premium?

  2. I had some problems with 6.5.4 and Vista, but have got 6.5.5 to run really well, even in 64 bit Vista Ultimate. For some reason however, the latest upgrade 6.5.6 is incompatible. Anyway, my experince is that 6.5.5 is the most compatible with Vista.

  3. I installed 6.5.3 on Vista Home Premium. It seems to work except that when I go into my Inbox, Sent or Drafts folders then it crashes with NSD.

    Anybody know how to fix this?

  4. Thanks for these posts, I will be installing X64 Vista Ultimate this week and will report how well it works with 6.5.5.

  5. So Jason, what happened? I am using Lotus Notes 6.5.4 and find it will not run at all on 64-bit Vista Home Premium.

  6. Chris,
    It has worked flawlessly! I am running Vista X64 Ultimate. I am also running Lotus Notes 6.5.5 Full Administration Client. Though client only versus admin client should make no difference. I wonder if your issue is caused by 6.5.4 or the few missing components from the ‘Home’ edition of Vista.

  7. Also, what kinds of issues are you getting, what happens when you try to launch it?

    You might need to right-click on the icon and choose “Run as Admin” the first time (or possibly everytime). I’ve seen a few programs require this.

  8. Hmm. I am running as administrator using Vista Home Premium and have loaded Lotus Notes version 7.0.3 (my firm doesn’t have version 6.5.5, only 6.5.4). It opens, but then a pop-up informs me that I need a bookmark template BOOKMARK.NTF and my mail will not load (although a nice little item informs me I have new mail!).

    The panel is stumped!

  9. Locate your notes.ini and make sure that the correct paths are listed for where your ‘Data’ directory is.

    Did you install 6.5.4 as a single user or multi-user? I always install as multi-user. This will ensure that your ‘Data’ directory is somewhere in your profile structure.
    Though after looking at my own machine I realize that I don’t this option when installing the Admin client onto my machine. (my computer is the only one in the office running Vista)

    Just because you are logged in as an Admin, does not mean you have all rights. Did you try the right click, run as admin trick?

  10. You guys ars so ahead of me. Although many of my files are in Excel, I still like Lotus 5.0. Do you know if 5.0 is compatable with Vista?

  11. I’m not sure what would keep it from running. You might have to tell the exe that it’s running under win98 or XP?

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