Bui4Ever.com Reboot (soft launch)

Hey everyone! So I’ve been spending a few days working on the new design of bui4ever.com and now it is 98% ready, so I’ve decided to soft launch it. There are still a few more tweaks I need to do, but you are looking at Bui4Ever v15.

So what is special about this design? It definitely has more “pretty” icons to versus the previous Bui4Ever sites. I’m finally done using big image headers that was sucking up bandwidth and taking forever to load the site. The code is more lean and clean, this site is clocking in a smudge under 100 KB. I’ve also tried not to be too drastic in the design change, I did keep most of the theme colors from Bui4Ever v14d.

Also I’ve essentially given up Gallery2 in favor of off-site photo hosting from Flickr, so it should also speed up load times.

The design of this site is partially inspired by Matthew Mullenweg, the creator of WordPress. I have always liked his site and how it was designed. The big header may turn some people off, but I think it’s original and makes a powerful statement. I also very much like the simplicity of colors and layout.

This is probably Bui4Ever.com’s most pretiest design yet. Enjoy.

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