Eric Cheng’s 320GB RAID 0 MacBook Pro

What Eric Cheng did to his MacBook Pro is actually pretty cool. I would love to be able to add additional disk space, as I’m down to only 7.1GB from a 100GB hard drive. I used to love (and use) a similar built in feature in the IBM ThinkPads and Dell Inspiron where the CD/DVD drive was removable and you could insert a 2nd hard drive bay. The only issue with this, besides RAID 0, is that you are essentially sacrificing your SuperDrive slot, but fortunately the company does make an external SuperDrive module so you’re not completely stuck without a SuperDrive. Maybe if I’m finding myself in real need of additional hard drive space I will consider it, but until then, external hard drive. This is called the MCE OptiBay Hard Drive.

For those who need a refresher in the different types of RAID, see this article.

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