SanDisk Rebate

Perfect opportunity to purchase SanDisk compact flash cards. SanDisk is offering a rebate of $20 for 2GB SanDisk Extreme IV CF, $30 for 4GB SanDisk Extreme IV CF and $60 for 8GB SanDisk Extreme IV CF. I got my 2GB from B&H Photo Video for $59.95 (which is already a good price). With the mail in rebate, it’ll cost me $39.99.

3 thoughts on “SanDisk Rebate”

  1. Sandisk Rebate Scam BE AWARE… if they are offering you a rebate… be ready to wait for the rest of you life to get it… they will pull any possible trick to avoid paying you! You will have to contact the Federal Trade Comission (877) 382-4357 and the District Attorney’s Office in Milpitas California (408) 586-3040 where the Sandisk headquorters is to get your money back ! Sandisk Rebate Scam… you’ve been warned!!!!

  2. @Adrian – I’ve actually never had a problem with SanDisk rebates. I’m sorry that you’ve had problems, to help out readers, can you detail what happened? You didn’t get them? They denied your rebate on something trivial?

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