The Duck Club Restaurant Review

Andrea and I both like duck, so it was only natural that we would want to try The Duck Club Restaurant located in the Bodega Bay Lodge and Spa.

The ambiance is not quite fine dining but no bikini, shorts, and flip flops either. The 2007-05-27 - Bodega Bay - 010waiters and waitresses are all dressed up, you get nice cloth napkins, two forks, two knives, a butter knife, so it isn’t like some crummy diner.

We got a table next to the window looking out towards Doran Beach State Park, which was nice. Our dinner reservations was for 6 pm, so it was still quite bright out. I think it would be a bit more romantic to have dinner nearing sunset when the sun descends beyond the water, but then dinner would have been a bit too late for our taste.

There is *a lot* of different entree selections, but enough variety to keep most people happy. They have Liberty Farms roast duck breast (their specialty, obviously), garlic & rosemary crusted filet mignon, braised pork shank, roasted corvina, goat cheese souffle, oven roasted quail (mmmm…), short ribs carneros, rack of Sonoma lamb, and seared Ahi.

Andrea had the seared Ahi and I had the roast duck breast, both very, very good. Worth mentioning is we very much like their local baby vegetables. Unlike many other restaurants we’ve been to, The Duck Club actually takes time to cut up the vegetables so they’re like string vegetables 2007-05-27 - Bodega Bay - 011versus big pieces of vegetables you have to cut up yourself. The vegetables were very good. The Ahi was very good, they seared it perfectly. The fresh carrort and ginger puree, used as the sauce, was paired very well with the Ahi tuna. My roast duck breast was very good, they roasted it so that the skin was crispy and the meat tasted tender but not oily like Asian prepared roast duck. The sauce/marinade was a bit too sweet for my taste, but overall fine. We also shared the classic Caesar, which was good also.

The bill wasn’t too bad for the both of us (under $90 including my Martini and Andrea’s glass of wine), and we would highly recommend this place.


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