Canon 1D Mark III – updated

The production model Canon 1D Mark IIIs are finally shipping, but there is a major problem with them. Apparently the new Canon 1D Mark III is experiencing quite a bit of autofocusing issues. The full article is reported by Rob Galbraith. Some of the issues reported by Rob and others:

  • The 1D Mark III has difficulty attaining focus initially and it takes multiple bursts to acquire maybe 50% or less sharp images.
  • The 1D Mark III has difficulty tracking moving subjects, “even when the AF point has been on the subject throughout.”
  • The focus shifts sporadically even when the subject is not moving.
  • When the subject moves erratically, the camera attempts to lock focus on the erratically moving subject but instead focuses on the background or other objects.

This is really not good considering the Canon 1D Mark III is supposed to be the latest and greatest trumping the tried and true Canon 1D Mark IIn. Wonder what Canon is going to do. Read the article.

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