The Focal Point LLC

The Focal Point LLC is an Oakland based litigation and graphics company that did pro bono publico work for Teresa Caffesse during the LaShaun Harris trial. They created amazing poster boards and did mental mining sessions to help Teresa throughout her case.

2007-06-28 - The Focal Point - 003 Chris Ritter, Case Manager from Focal Point, was the primary person running the mental mining sessions in the office and at Focal Point. He has also done two seminars in our office detailing the importance of conveying the message through various mediums. In many cases, the arguments presented by the attorneys tend to be bland and dry and sometimes to “legalese” for the jury. What Focal Point does is that they help attorneys explain critical information in a clear and concise manner that jurors can understand.

They don’t merely just make presentations and poster boards. The key element behind Focal Point is their mental mining, which is essentially a big brainstorming session. A Case Manager (such as Chris Ritter) would meet with a few attorneys and they would analyze the case and drill down to details. Any ideas, no matter how far fetched or off the wall, is accepted as to not block creative thinking.

Chris was kind enough to give us a tour of their new facilities, pictures are here.

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