Moving Sucks

For the past week or so, I have been busy moving into my new apartment. The reason I moved is because of our impending marriage and so we need a place together.

Moving sucks. Granted it is a great opportunity to do much needed pruning of junk and cleaning up, but at the same time it’s a huge mess. I didn’t really think I accumulated that much stuff over the years, but you really realize it when you are moving. And the worse part is just moving, it’s unpacking. It takes a while for a person to get their space organized just right, and then bam, you have to move and you have to start over again. Things are starting to come together, the apartment is starting to look like an apartment rather than a storage facility of boxes and junk.

The latest issue I’m having right now is no internet. The upgraded business DSL is not offered in that area. Sucks. It took SBC five days to get existing DSL transfered to my new place and then when I try to hook it all up, my DSL modem doesn’t work. Crappy ass 2Wire modem/wireless/router/crap. And here’s the best part, when I called “tech” support and got an India based call center, turns out the warranty on my 2Wire POS modem expired that morning… Grrrr. So I’m getting the *free* standard modem instead (which I should have originally got) and setting up the home network the way it should have been.

So that is the reason why there hasn’t really been any updates as of late, I have no internet to get on.

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