Latest Update

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a “Latest Update” post and it’s been a while since I’ve really been posting anything of any major value, so the very least I can do is let all you know what I’ve been up to and why there has been a lack of any updates on here.


While I have not done as much work as Andrea has in planning our wedding, I have still been involved in some of the major stuff we’re trying to get done. With about two months left, things are only going to get more stressful. For those who are interested in more detail, please visit our wedding site for the details.

Office of the Public Defender

Things have been quite hectic in the office. We’ve had many new people start and interns have been in the office for the past month which has increased the demand for IT. We’re also working on designing the roll out of Active Directory in the office and addressing attorney and staff data backup. I’m also the lead (and only) coder for the Office’s intranet and internet website, which are two huge projects in itself. Fortunately we’ll be launching the new Public Defender website (current site) next Thursday at 5 PM, so be looking for that. On top of this, Tyler and I are also working on assisting attorneys on their cases and in trial from an IT standpoint.

A New Business Venture

I’ve also been working on a new business venture (possible two). I don’t want to say too much about it yet because it’s not ready to go fully live yet, but be on the lookout for that also.

This has been a project that has long been neglected, but hopefully not any longer. I’ll be starting more work on it again.

So there has been many things going on and that’s why I haven’t had the chance to really update here, but rest assured, I’ll be doing some major updates soon enough. Keep checking back.

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