Nikon D3, Nikon D300, and 5 new Nikkor Lenses

Nikon finally has a full-frame dSLR to challenge Canon’s 1Ds line, the Nikon D3 has just been released. It looks like Nikon really pulled out all the stops this time and loaded the D3 with huge features:

  • Full-Frame CMOS 12.1 MP sensor
  • ISO 200 to 6400 (with 2 additional boosts up to ISO 25600
  • 9 fps with tracking and 11 fps without
  • 51 point AF sensor
  • 3 inch LCD with 922,000 pixels with Live Preview
  • HDMI output

I still find the design too blocky for my taste. I perfer the lines and curves of the Canon 1D line more than Nikon’s D1/2/3 line, but that’s just me.

Nikon has also released their follow up to the Nikon D200 with the Nikon D300. Some of its notable features are:

  • DX format CMOS 12.3 MP sensor
  • 6 fps up to 8 fps with the optional battery booster/vertical handle
  • 51 point AF sensor
  • 3 inch LCD with 922,000 pixels with Live Preview

Wow, is all I can say.

And to top it all off, Nikon has released 5 new Nikkor lenses:

The last three super telephoto lenses are of particular interest because with the addition of vibration reduction technology (VR), we might be seeing more Nikkor lens at sporting events rather the usual wave of the all too familiar white lenses that have dominated sporting events for decades.

Canon EOS 40D Announced!

I am definitely excited! Canon has finally released the follow up to the successful Canon EOS 30D with the new Canon EOS 40D. It definitely has some major improvements over the EOS 30D. Some of the cool new features are:

  • Canon’s own 10.1MP CMOS sensor (versus 8.2MP)
  • 6.5 frames-per-second [fps] with a buffer of 75 JPEGs (versus the 5 frames-per-second for 23 JPEGs)
  • DIGIC III (versus DIGIC II)
  • EOS Integrated Cleaning System (versus none)
  • A new 9-point auto focus sensor
  • 3 inch LCD with Live Preview
  • Use of Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E3

Definitely very exciting. Read a more in depth preview at I guess it is time to update the wish list again eh?

Useful WordPress Resources


Just a collection of various links to other sites of cool things that can be accomplished with WordPress.

The Sites

Hide Post Plugin – A WordPress plugin that protect a part of your blog posts (maybe links, images or texts), that only registered and logged in members can see it. Simply put your content to be hidden with [ protect] and [ /protect]. A custom-able text will display when a guest see the protected content, like “Please Login or Register to view this post”.

WordPress Hack Choose your own password – Core hacks to wp-login.php file so when a user registers, they get to make their own password.

Windows AD and Intranet Site – Not quite a plugin or a WordPress resource per se, but an important article which helped me make sub domain WordPress MU function on an internal web server.

RSS Thumbnail Gallery – Kinda like Snap, but less annoying and doesn’t require users to mouse over to see the content.

Home and Main Menu – Addresses the issue with wp_list_pages and Home.

Writing a WordPress MU Plugin – Cool article.

Custom Field GUI – Self explanatory and quite useful…

WordPress Filters – Usually forgotten by most people

Automating WordPress customizations – Neat way to do it via install.php

WordPress Options Follow-UpFlexi Pages WidgetFile IconsWP-Directory Plugin – turns any page into a directory

A Look Inside the WordPress Database

WordPress Download Monitor Plugin

Navigating WordPress Source Code

Lorem Ipsum – the king of test data

Override DB settings for testing

How to Write a WordPress Plugin

Dissecting a WordPress ThemeWordPress Cheat Sheet

Cimy User Extra Fields

TinyMCE Custom ButtonsContactz


Sticky WordPress Plugin – Detailed directions on how to create a “featured” post section and making it sticky and making it expire after a certain amount of time.

Custom Image Header API – Allows users to add their own custom header image to a theme design.

Friendly Search URLs – How to use .htaccess to make friendly search URLs

User ProfileBlog Tips#3 Increase performance of your WP site


Thickbox for WordPress plugin

WP Genki Pre-Publish Plugin – Allows you to put a pre-publish reminder note below the WYSIWYG editor

ImageManager – An image manager system that is compatible with both WordPress and WordPress Mu. Allows for resizing and croping of images and supports folders.

Syntax Code Highlighter

BrotherCake Docking Boxes – The WordPress iTheme’s sidebar used the BrotherCake Docking Boxes hacks to make the sidebar user customizable.

How to customize the WordPress Login Page

The Best WordPress Magazine Themes Available

Creating a Magazine Style Theme

WordPress Constants

WordPress iFrame Widget Plugin

Yet Another Photoblog

Top Ten Best Photoblog Templates

NextGen Gallery for WordPressMU

Easy Asides for WordPressWPMU Tutorials

WPCandy – cool plugin that allows you to add snippets of text without having to constant retype it.

WordPress Cheat Sheet

Very cool NextGallery Flash

NAVT Menu Plugin

WPMU Avatar Plugin

Moo Tools Accordian

Backup Your Database With An Automated Cron Job

WPMU UserThemes – Allows users to make a copy of a theme and edit it with the Theme Editor


WP User Manager

WordPress Sticky Post

30+ WordPress Tools

Genki Announcement

CSS Block vs Inline

WordPress and the custom fields, a overlooked feature

WordPress Separate Trackbacks and Comments

Tools For Choosing a Color Combination

jQuery Plugin – Accordin, Autocomplete, Format, Tooltip, Treeview, and Validation

Posts Ticker-style with Zazz

Finally Cracked Custom Field Validation and Saving

Adding Extra Fields to WordPress User Profiles

How to install WordPress on a USB stick

Default Pages & Content – WPMU; how to generate a default page when a new blog is created.

Create Cool rip pages for scrap books – Not quite a WP resource, but can be useful in developing layout designs. Unfortunately, only works on Windows.

WordPress How To Theme Options – Give users more customization control over your theme by offering them a Theme Options menu under Presentation.

How to organize posts into two side-by-side columns in WordPress – Great for making a news or magazine site.

Powerful CSS-Techniques for Effective Coding – Very cool article with a lot of great examples of the power of CSS!

50 Tools to Use or Embed Videos in your WordPress Blog

Mastering Your WordPress Theme Hacks and Techniques – VERY GOOD post on various WordPress hacks and techniques

Publish RSS Feed on Your WordPress Site Without Plugins – This is a cool technique for pulling in RSS feeds without the need for a plugin. It uses the same functions as the Dashboard feed.

How to Only Retrieve Posts With Custom Fields

Define Your Own WordPress Loop Using WP_Query

Paging and Custom WordPress Loops – How paging works.

AutoViewer – A really cool, FREE flash gallery/slideshow that is perfect for photography sites. Here’s some info on how to embed into a WordPress install.

Blueprint CSS Framework – A great framework for building websites without having to reinvent the wheel each time. Think of it as having rulers (grids) to assist you in leveling.

WordPress Login via ThickBox – Using jQuery you can activate a ThickBox for login into your WordPress

Simple Widgets. Widget 101. – I used this tutorial to create my ‘Simple Archives’ sidebar widget. It’s very straight to the point and perfect for adding a widget in which you’re trying to display some php queries or results.

WordPress Theme Generator – This online generator creates your own custom unique WordPress Theme. Without any need for HTML, JS, PHP, or CSS knowledge.

WordPress Theme Generator 2 – Same as above, but by another person.

Permalinks Migration Plugin – A great plugin that auto creates 301s (Permanent Redirects) when you change your permalinks structure so that you don’t lose PageRank or visitors.

How To Show Content For Specific Users in WordPress Templates – Title says it all.

Safest Way to Include Plugin Code in Themes

Archives by Selected Categories Plugin for WordPress

Changing author on many posts after import WPMU – basically create the authors on the site you are trying to export so you don’t have to do it later.

Hiding ‘Custom Fields’ keys – Sometimes you have blank keys and don’t want the text field to appear.

Office of the Public Defender’s New Website

I have finally reached the first major milestone since coming to the Office of the Public Defender, the soft launch of our new public website, This has a been a four month long project involving Tyler Vu (design), Larry Roberts (design and content), Lea Villegas (PR and content), and myself (coding). Continue reading Office of the Public Defender’s New Website