As If I Didn’t Need Anymore Stress

Word of advice, do not park along Seventh (7th) and King in San Francisco at any time of the day unless you have a beater or junker car. I had the most unfortunate luck of getting my car broken into and my Alpine DVA-9861 stolen and also my cool LeatherMan Fuse. They were kind enough to leave my $2 something worth of change, 2 bottles of Diet Coke, and my Banana Republic three-quarter length coat. Fuckers.

$500 Alpine stereo + $216 for non factory window and labor – $10 internet coupon = $706 lost.

3 thoughts on “As If I Didn’t Need Anymore Stress”

  1. Damn man!!! I mean it’s never a right time, but having to dish out that $$$ now is bad timing. Sorry to hear about this.

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