iPhone Tip

Here’s a neat little tip for the iPhone. If your iPhone is asleep or locked (not crashed or locking up, but locked as in you have to use the slider to unlock it…), if you double press the Home button, the iPod controls appear without having to unlock the phone and go into the iPod software itself.

Where Are All The Updates?!?!

I am sorry that updates on my blog have really fallen behind as of late. As some may know, Andrea and I are getting married this Saturday, so things have been real hectic as of late. I really have not had the time to do many updates, but I assure you after we return from the honeymoon, I should be average some 32 posts like back in May. But here’s a quick update to what has been going on:

  • Personal Life
      • Way too much to list…
    • Planning for the honeymoon…
  • Office of the Public Defender
    • Working on moving 150 computers to the Active Directory.
    • Bring online 2 new Gateway servers and redesign 2 Gateway servers for our off site locations
    • Architecting the new intranet site
    • Architect three new office unit websites
    • Amongst many other little projects…

So that’s what’s been going on. After the honeymoon, we will be posting the URL for our personal website that many of our friends already have access to.

As If We Didn’t Need Any More Stress (Pt 2)

Can you believe this? It’s like a string of nothing but unfortunate luck as of late. Andrea’s rear passenger window was broken Saturday at midnight in front of her house by rowdy friends of the neighbor’s teenage daughter across the street (who, at the time of this writing, still vehemently denies knowing the four guys in the car that sped off after the window was broken). It’s a slap in the face trying to deny that she doesn’t know these people when they had spent a good hour in the front of her house with her standing there being loud and rowdy.