Auto Clear and Restore Form Element

Here’s another neat trick: making the search (or any field for that matter) have an auto clear and restore javascript element. This comes from Perishable Press.

<form action="" method="post">
<input value="Click here and this will disappear.." onfocus="if(this.value == 'Click here and this will disappear..') {this.value = '';}" onblur="if (this.value == '') {this.value = 'Click here and this will disappear..';}" type="text" size="77" />

Just change the value “Click here and this will disappear..” to anything you want wherever it appears in the code.

How To Do WordPress Drop Down Archives

Needed this for work; WordPress Drop Down Archives hard coded in so that if the user isn’t using a widget, then it’s enabled by default.

The code comes from Pro Blog Design and is here:

<select name="archive-dropdown" onChange='document.location.href=this.options[this.selectedIndex].value;'>
<option value=""><?php echo attribute_escape(__('Select Month')); ?></option>
<?php wp_get_archives('type=monthly&format=option&show_post_count=1'); ?> </select>

Million Dollar Baby Review

Andrea and I finally saw Million Dollar Baby last night. I have to say, I’ve been putting off seeing it for a long time now because it never seemed to be a particularly interesting movie to me despite the numerous awards it had won; although Andrea has been wanting to see it. I must say that it definitely is worth seeing. It starts out slow, but then really captures you with the richness of character development. No detail is revealed too early nor wasted. The movie sounds long (2 hours 13 minute), but does pass by somewhat quickly.

Clint Eastwood transitions between moments and time seamlessly without skipping a beat. The major premise of the movie is about fighting hard for a dream and never regretting it. It’s inspiring, but tragic at the same time; reminds you that sometimes the dream that you want so bad can be your undoing.

We highly recommend it.

Wedding Songs

We want to do a detailed post on how the whole wedding went, but we’ve just been so busy. Especially with the holidays here, time seems to fly by. Anyway, I thought i’d list the wedding songs that were of significance.

  • Our Grand Entrance song: Now and Forever – Air Supply
  • First Dance song: The One – Elton John
  • Cake Cutting song: Lady in Red – Chris Deburgh

Now the reason for the chosen songs.

On our very first trip away together, we went and saw Air Supply in Southern California. Richard never heard of Air Supply, and when we heard lead singer Russel Hitchcock on stage singing Now and Forever, we were just blown away.

The first dance song by Elton John. I’m a big Elton John fan. I happen to see the title of this song, “The One,” and thought I should listen to it. I had never heard this song before, even though it’s an old song. Thus, this song was untainted to both Richard and I; it had not sentimental meaning prior to Richard and I dating. It was brand new to us. The lyrics seem to speak to me, and I knew Richard was “The One.”

As for the cake cutting song, Lady in Red. This one was easy. My favorite color is red, the colors of our wedding were red and orange, and last but not least, the dress I was to wear was a red chinese dress.

Thank You

Today, Andrea and I both have a day off of work; one of the many benefits of working for the government (State and County, respectively). I won’t lie, it’s really nice to have those three day weekends; gives you a chance to get errands, shopping, chores, extra sleep and many other things done.

But today isn’t an ordinary holiday or another one of those holidays that you just happen to get off work. Today is the day we honor our past and present Veterans. Veteran’s Day is especially important today and these past few years because of what has been happening in Afghanistan and Iraq. I didn’t truly appreciate this until I happened to catch CNN Special Investigations Unit: Combat Hospital at the gym. It’s true that you get desensitized to a certain degree when you hear nothing but death statistics on the news, but it becomes more of an eye opener and shocking when you see survivals who lose limbs or what not.

So as we sit safely at home enjoying the freedoms we take for granted on a daily basis, we would like to at least take the time and say thank you to the troops currently serving and fighting and to those who have served and passed on, and to those who have served and are permanently injured. Thank you for fighting for our freedoms and rights. Thank you.

Mac OS 10.5 Leopard and NetInfo Manager

Apple has axed NetInfo Manager out of Mac OS 10.5 Leopard. This sucks because I use NetInfo to work with the HOST files. Andy Jarrett reports on a solution at his blog.

Here’s how to fix it, verbatim, from his site:

  1. From finder goto /etc/
  2. Find a file called hosts right-click (or command-i) to Get Info and make sure you have “Permission” to Read & Write to the file
  3. Next we need to edit out Apache httpd.conf file found at /etc/apache2/ and add the following line under where it says “Listen 80”

    n.b. You might want to check if it exists first

  4. Then simply add your HOST information in the format of {IP Address}{tab}{host name}

Mac OS 10.5 Leopard Initial Thoughts

My 15.5″ MacBook Pro has been running quite wonky for months now. I’ve been holding off on doing anything major in hopes that they would release Leopard any day and finally Apple set a date! So I received my copy October 28, 2007, backed up all my data, wiped my computer, and installed a fresh copy of Mac OS 10.5 Leopard.

It took about an hour to get Leopard up-and-running and installing all the other programs I use like Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite 3 (CS3). All-in-all, the installation went very smoothly with no problems.

It definitely takes some getting use to, with some visual changes and changes of where they put certain options, but the new additions such as Time Machine, Spaces, iChat Share My Screen are some great features! My initial impressions are that I am much more impressed with it than Microsoft Windows Vista. It’s noticeable faster and the major thing (for me) is that they finally fixed the damn “Mac-refuses-to-wake-up-properly-after-being-asleep” that has plagued me on a PowerBook and two MacBook Pros so far.

The built-in support for Boot Camp is nice, although I probably will continue to use Parallels because I don’t really need full speed for Windows and I rather save the harddrive space.

So I’ll continue playing with Leopard and post at a later date my thoughts on it.