Some Changes

Change is good. Change is important to continue to grow and learn. Change keeps things interesting. So you may have noticed that Andrea and I have a personal site that we’ve been using since last year to keep friends and family apprised of wedding happenings. We’ve kept it secret up until after the wedding, but it wasn’t exactly a well kept secret because those who were Google savvy could easily find it, but we didn’t want to make it too easy to find. So basically what that means is that there is no longer a need to have an Andrea and Richard section on because there is an entire site dedicated to us that is now fully public. So it’s time to do some reorganizing and house cleaning.

In the coming weeks (and possible months depending on my schedule), will be redesigned with a new theme and some sections will be moved (such as the Andrea and Richard section) and removed (personal information will no longer be posted here but rather on the Andrea and Richard site). The site will then be more focused on technology, web architecture, and a portal for all the other sites that I run or manage.

The site will also receive a face lift and I’ll be actively posting updates about us including our travels and pictures.

I’ll also be architecting a photoblog site.

So that’s the plan so far.

2 thoughts on “Some Changes”

  1. I thought I’d say hi as I landed here looking up the domain parking for MU. I’m another Andrea with Ron as a hubby, not Rich. 😀 Thought that was cool.

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