Thank You

Today, Andrea and I both have a day off of work; one of the many benefits of working for the government (State and County, respectively). I won’t lie, it’s really nice to have those three day weekends; gives you a chance to get errands, shopping, chores, extra sleep and many other things done.

But today isn’t an ordinary holiday or another one of those holidays that you just happen to get off work. Today is the day we honor our past and present Veterans. Veteran’s Day is especially important today and these past few years because of what has been happening in Afghanistan and Iraq. I didn’t truly appreciate this until I happened to catch CNN Special Investigations Unit: Combat Hospital at the gym. It’s true that you get desensitized to a certain degree when you hear nothing but death statistics on the news, but it becomes more of an eye opener and shocking when you see survivals who lose limbs or what not.

So as we sit safely at home enjoying the freedoms we take for granted on a daily basis, we would like to at least take the time and say thank you to the troops currently serving and fighting and to those who have served and passed on, and to those who have served and are permanently injured. Thank you for fighting for our freedoms and rights. Thank you.

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