Sun buys MySQL

Wow, this is quite huge news! Apparently Sun Microsystems is buying the hugely popular open source MySQL. The first thing I thought when I read this was, oh crap, they’re going to start charging for MySQL. According to Sun CEO, Johnathan Schwartz, they plan on continuing down MySQL’s business model of open source, but also including commercial level support. Sun spent some $1 billion on this deal.

I’m curious to see how this pans out. At my workplace, we are utilizing MySQL on a Windows racks server to host our new intranet powered by WordPress.

Macworld 2008

I would love to go to one. So it looks like some of the coolest things upon us is: the new MacBook Air. A sexy, sleek light weight laptop. It does look quite gorgeous and tiny. About the only thing that is not small about the MacBook Air is the price…$1799…ouch.

The thing that particularly interests me (and other iPhone owners) is version 1.1.3 for the iPhone.

Definitely looks like we aren’t disappointed. One of the coolest feature, in my opinion, is the GPS triangulation. I know it’s not true GPS or as accurate as GPS, but it’s still pretty damn cool. I just got it installed and it works great! It might not be precise, but to be able to have some kinda GPS when you’re walking around San Francisco is great.

My coworkers and I are all waiting for Flash.

Allowing for changing your Home icon arrangements is cool also and so is being able to add Safari bookmarks to the Home page. Plus, allowing for 9 Home pages…definitely a preview of things to come; especially with the iPhone SDK being released in a month.

The update is some 160 MB. Definitely worth the update.